Monday, March 21, 2011

S-league Preview VI

S-league Preview V - 5 right and 2 perfect score

Mon 21-Mar Woodlands Wellington - Tampines Rovers (WLD)
Tue 22-Mar Etoile FC - TPUFC (QTN)
Wed 23-Mar Geylang United - Hougang United (BDK)
Thu 24-Mar SAFFC - Tampines Rovers (CCK)
Fri 25-Mar Balestier Khalsa - Gombak United (JBS)
Sat 26-Mar Courts Young Lions - Albirex Niigata (S) (JBS)
Sun 27-Mar Home United vs Woodlands Wellington (BSN) 

Woodlands Wellington vs Tampines Rovers 
Let not beat about the bushes, the Rams are going to win it. OK, joke over. The Stags are to walk away with 3 points and a few goals to boast their goal difference while the Rams continue to search for their first goal of the season and their first in 8 matches since last season. That the best the Rams can hope for. 3-0 to the Stags. 

Etoile FC vs TPUFC
Another no-brainier, the Champions are going to walk away with 3 points and a few goals to boast their goal difference. The Jaguars can only hope to keep the goals conceded down. 4-0 to Etoile FC

Geylang United vs Hougang United
Here is a tougher one. Can the Eagles stop their slide? I am not sure. As mentioned before, goals win games and who is going to score the Eagles goals and frankly that is their problem now as their search for their fourth foreigner looked to be over. The transfer window is closing and nobody come close to their requirement so why did they let Peter Tomko depart. Now they are paying the price. 1-0 to Hougang United. 

SAFFC vs Tampines Rovers
Match of the week and frankly I wished the schedule was better for Tampines Rovers as they last played on Monday; which mean 2 matches in 4 days. They may take it if they have not been playing as many matches as they are doing now. Since the start of the season, the Stags have played 8 matches (including Monday match)  in a month and half and that is a hectic schedule for any team especially one that relies heavily on just their first 11 players. Did Duric felt it (the tiredness) when he miss those gilt-edge chances against Thai Champions in the AFC Cup. The Warriors should take advantage on their 'heavy' pitch (which will tired out their opponents even worse) as they have the forwards to kill off the Stags. 2-1 to the Warriors. 

Balestier Khalsa vs Gombak United
I am not convinced neither sides are that attacking minded despite their defence by their coaches that they do 'attack' (Like when?). It is a LIVE match so they have an obligation to showcase the best of the S-league and if they played their usual game plan, it is not doing justice to the S-league. That is all I will say. 1-1 draw

Courts Young Lions vs Albirex Niigata (S)
Will the Cubs feel the tiredness as they will have to travel back from Yemen just a few day earlier. They are young so they should take it. Even if they were (tired), I am not sure the White Swans can take advantage so a draw is a good outcome for both team. 1-1 draw

Home United vs Woodlands Wellington 
Same situation as Monday. The Rams should still be continuing to search for their first goal of the season (If I am not wrong) and in the meantime they will hope the Protectors do not slaughter them. That the best the Rams can hope for. 5-0 to the Home team

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Pohui said...

Emotional return to Queenstown for the Jaguars on 22/3, wonder what would be on Mr Richard Woon's (whom I saw him in the Jags setup, I presumed) mind when back to his "home"