Sunday, January 24, 2010

2 LIVE Matches per week?

S-league will be showing 2 LIVE Matches in 2010 according to the schedule.

It seem S-league will be showing on Wednesday night as well; in addition to a Friday night match.

SAFFC vs Geylang United, on Feb 3, which is a Wednesday, will be the first match as it will be hosted at Jalan Besar.

This is a welcome development for me (if it is indeed the case) as I have commented in June last year, after the Starhub League Cup, there is need for S-league to be shown more on local TV as only then will catch the eye of the causal and neutral fans as showcase by the raising attendances as the Starhub League Cup progress.

That and my own example in which a friend, who can hardly be described as a football fan, did not mind catching a local game as the competition, Starhub League Cup, had been broadcast every night and it caught his eye.

The thing missing is a Review & Preview show but I take the extra LIVE match at this moment in time.


Pohui said...

I'm not sure how the increase in the live TV exposure will help the league to enhance its awareness.

As the Singaporean mentality shown in recent Lions game, spectators have a tendency to catch the game at home not at ground...

happy said...

We have to get them to watch local football first in my POV

At this moment in time, if one cannot catch on Fri Night then one cnnt even do that

So with an extra game, it wld increase the league exposure by a little but the best wld be a package with Preview & Review as a nos of Sporean do nt really followed the whole game in truth even for BPL