Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stags in no hurry to replace Sutee

Despite being linked with Yishun Super Reds Korean forward Park Yo Seb, Tampines Rovers coach Vorawan Chitavanich has declared that there is no hurry for the club to replace Sutee Suksomkit, after hopes of the latter’s return were recently dashed.

The decision by Sutee to sign with Bangkok Glass prompted murmurs accusing the former Tanjong Pagar United and Home United star of betraying the trust of Tampines chairman Teo Hock Seng, who was understood to have met up with him while on holiday in Perth.

But Vorawan has come to his compatriot’s defence, saying that what had transpired in the conversation could not constitute a binding commitment on the 31-year-old’s part.

“We all know Sutee talked to us and said he wants to come back, but that is not enough to count as an agreement to sign.

“We agreed in our hearts when he talked to the Chairman in Perth, he said then that he is willing to come back if he is free at the end of the trial. That is, if maybe the Chairman can give a bit more money from his last contract.

“What happened now may be because of money. Maybe Bangkok Glass can give him more money than we can, that’s why he signed for them, not us.

“There is nothing we can do now, he has moved already. So now is the time to look for somebody else.”

“If we want to sign a new foreigner, we want someone at left midfield, like what Sutee used to play,” revealed Vorawan.

“He can come from anywhere, I don’t care, as long as he’s a good player. Whether he’s a Mongol or a Jamaican or even if he’s from Cambodia, if he can be a good attacking player, that’s what we need.

“But even with what we have, I think it’s not bad. We only have three foreigners now, but this team can play this year without a fourth foreigner.”

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