Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Clubs hit out at FAS

Clubs are hitting out at FAS that with just 19 days to the S-league opener, they still do not know who they are playing.

In a TODAY report, Gombak United chairman John Yap was quoted: “While I agree with being thorough in the process of finding a team to join the league, more time should have been allocated, or the process should have been shortened, so that by this time, two weeks to the start of the season, things are clearer.

“The new teams need time to prepare, and the other teams also need to know who they will face in the league.”

And not disagreeing are the new teams themselves as Super Reds coach Jeon Kyeong Joon is
not pleased with the current arrangement.

He said: “Because we cannot confirm the player contracts, some of them have to skip training sessions due to work.

“We were ready with this squad a month ago and if we had received confirmation earlier, more work could have been done.”

The sentiment was echoed by 'their rival at 'the Etoile FC camp.

Consultant R Sasikumar said: “The situation isn’t ideal. We couldn’t go ahead and offer player contracts or firm up things with potential sponsors without confirmation that we were going to be in the league. But we just have to work with what we’ve got.”

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