Friday, January 8, 2010

Etoile FC and Yishun Super Reds show their cards

MediaCorp Today have reported the bids for entry to S-league 2010 are finally all in (What a wait)

There are 3 teams left as expected, with DPMM Brunei not able to get FIFA to lift their ban, and they are French side Etoile FC (Which mean Star), Yishun Super Reds and Beijing Guoan reserve side.

While Beijing Guoan have been touted as the forerunner throughout the bidding process, it is clear both Etoile FC and Yishun Super Reds are no pushovers judging from how they are preparing.

Yishun Super Reds have managed to get their sponsors to pump in the cash already despite no confirmation from FAS as yet and that show the commitment of the soon-to-be local club sponsors to the cause.

Also, to meet FAS new criteria, the Yishun side have signed ex-Korean international Park Yo-seb; who has played more than 100 games in the K-league and appeared 6 times for his national side as well as former Lions like Azhar Baksin and Fadzuhasny Juraimi.

French side Etoile FC is meeting that by reportedly being able to sign former Cameroon international Lucien Mettomo; who has spend 13 years playing in European leagues and played over 200 league games there with 29 international caps for his nation.

Clearly, their bids looked especially good as the CSL side appear only able to offer us 5 youth internationals in their side and we need to consider the fact that the Chinese side can recall them back anytime like what happen with Dalian Shide when they recalled their two most impressive players in the S-league midway through the season after both of them done exceptionally well.

That weaken Dalian side considerably and one do not need to a magic ball to tell what happen next as their replacements sucked.

In all, this is an important season for FAS as they need to show their commitment to the league by granting entry to teams that are worthy of the S-league brand after the failure of past seasons especially after they keep pushing back the entry deadline for these new birds.


druryfire said...

Hi, are Etolie not a sidekick of Etolie Sahel of Tunisia?

happy said...

Nah, it is a French side started and based in S'pore