Saturday, January 30, 2010

Eagles target 50 points as start of new era

Geylang United may have lifted the RHB Singapore Cup last November, when they beat Thai side Bangkok Glass in the Final, but it is still not enough for a club with such a illustrated history.

Kingpin back in the old semi-pro Singapore Premier League with 6 consecutive titles, 1988-1993, and then winning the inaugural S-League season in 1996, speak volumes of the club’s tradition.

“It’s definitely a new dawn, a sign that better things are to come,” said Geylang chairman Patrick Ang.

“But for us to bring back the glory days, we have to work doubly hard.”

Geylang United have therefore targeted a minimum of 50 points, which could put them as among the 'champions' of the rest of the league outside the Big 3 as the first step to a new era.

Chairman Patrick Ang believed it is a realistic target - for the Big 3 are too far in front at this moment in time - as he was quoted saying:“Football is all about money and players and, now that we’ve won the Singapore Cup, we’ll build on from here,”

With three competitions to participate in though, there are concerns that the team may face a fixtures overload, possibly tiring out the players. Nonetheless, Ang does not see this as an obstacle.

"Geylang will never come and tell you we are tired", Ang said. Thus, showing his awareness that being professional players, they have to live up to the rigour of the game.

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