Saturday, January 30, 2010

54 games to be telecast LIVE

Newcomers Etoile FC and Beijing Guo’an game will be scheduled as this season’s Great Eastern-Yeo’s SLeague first “live” broadcast on Feb 12 — one of 54 games fans can expect to see on “live” TV.

This is almost double the 28 games broadcast over MediaCorp’s Channel 5 last year, and if implemented, will see two “live” games each week, up from the one “live” weekly match last season.

But, the Football Association of Singapore have yet to decide on the full slate of “live” games for TV, as they are still in talks with cable TV broadcasters StarHub, mio TV, national free-to-air broadcasters MediaCorp as well as various production houses.


Pohui said...

Hmmm... a whoppy TV income then??

happy said...

A deal that suit all if U ask me

SPools can get a bigger bumper so S-league can (hopefully) then get more fundings

Starhub & Mio TV can fill up their sport channels at min cost as no doubt they will asked FAS for $ (do not expect them to do it for 'National duty' as they have shown in talks with FIFA, they care more abt the bottomline)

It will spread local football which I mentioned before; we must first get more local football to the neutral first. Afterall, this is what BPL is doing in China now which is they give 'FOC' games to the public that now as they know the Chinese will not pay for them yet as they are not fans. That why we need matches on TV first as this is the fastest way to reach the neutral

Lastly, more better matches can be shown to attract neutral for the 'old' system mean we have to show all 12 teams in actions even if some are really bad. Afterall, BPL is not going to attract Chinese fans with Stroke vs Hull etc, just as S-league cannot hope to attract eyes with Balestier vs Sengkang etc but this is what we get for nearly 2 years running as all 12 teams have to be on TV.