Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Indra: I will retired after ACQ

SAFFC and Singapore vice captain Indra Sahdan has admitted he will retired from international football after the ACQ as a results of his studies, personal life as well as the SPH Media.

He already had his hand full with his divorce last year and he was shocked SPH Media (ST and BH) ran headline stories of it and he was especially unhappy it was before an important Singapore international.*

Now, as he is falling back on his studies, he want to focus more on it as well as his new club SAFFC where he admitted he is happy at.

It was not like his time at Sengkang Punggol where he found it hard to focus on his football as the management was unable to deliver on it promises and was going through a turmoil time.

That why he is determined to retire after the ACQ even as Raddy hoped to change his mind believing he can play on for another 2-3 years at the top.

* It is not the first time SPH had worked against Singapore football before a vital match as back in 06 they ran a story with Goh Tat Chuan attacking Raddy just before ACQ against Iraq

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