Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beep Test cause strengthen

There were two topics involved with this article so had thought for a while on the thread header before deciding on the current one.

Before going onto the main topic, let talk a little on the other one first which is the act of indiscipline of our two Indonesian Super Liga Superstars (Hey, only Superstars are allowed to be late and see no need to care)

As I am not Raddy, I cannot say why he chose to release such information at this junction but let take a guess as he must be aware it is just a moment of time before the names of the two players were known.

From that point, I would then say he did it for Singapore future as regardless of how one view these two ‘villains’ now, they are at the age where they could form the cornerstone of Singapore next generation.

That why Raddy decided they had to be kept on their feet and that is a problem as they are no longer playing in the S-league where they can be disciplined on a stricter note.

The Indonesian Super Liga clubs that employed the two players have no need to punish this indiscipline as it concerned the Lions, not them (Also, if one believed the rumors concerning Indonesian Super Liga players conduct then what these two have done are nothing in their eye)

It is then a dilemma for Raddy for he has clearly decided it cannot be excused for it could tear team unity apart - The seniors were angry enough to talk to the press - and that is why the information was leaked to the public domain.

He must be hoping the two will now learn their lesson as they will no doubt be judged harshly by the public for remember back in 04, there were acts of indiscipline by a, now Warriors, player with such information also finding it way to the public domain.

That player was harshly judged as expected and yet in spite of that, the player never learn thus forcing Raddy to finally kicked him out in 06 and it saw Raddy lost one of the best player among his ranks.

What this previous incident show is Raddy will be willing to give them a chance to repent as he gave the 06 player a total of three chances but it must be them, not him, who take the first step as he was, through the media, quoted ‘he was disappointed the two did not even apologized for their actions.’

Clearly, the ball is now with them for Raddy is building his next team and these two can be part of that or join the 06 player on the sideline.

With that covered, it is onto the thread header topic which is about the Beep Test which will have some scratching their head.

What does it have to do with any topic this week.

It concerns player fitness and that mean it is linked with the smoking culture some Lions have developed.

Before anyone blamed everything on the western influence that has studies conducted showing smoking as acceptable now among the younger generations, I must say it is the way of the times for the Government is fighting it by giving the smokers less space and yet they are fighting a ‘losing’ battle.

However, that does not mean we accept it without thinking of a solution.

Smoking is certainly no crime but it, indirectly, affect a player fitness so it is a concern and that why Raddy must have decided players must not indulged in it or, to be honest, it is well known a number players of smoked even in the Malaysia Cup era thus such information should come as no surprise.

That when the Beep Test show it importance as it decide a player career and when a person livehood is hanging by a thread, he will know what he has to choose.

Afterall, we have an example in a player from Serbia, Sead Muratovic, who admitted he smoke occasionally (I am stupid but what is the difference between occasionally, light, heavy or chain smoking) and with a poor diet he was known to consume, he had a fitness that was worse than a player in his mid 30s before he even hit 28.

He was gone along with it a paycheck believed to be in the S$5000 to S$6000 range and if a local believed his livehood will be equally affected, he will fight for his fitness.

That is what Noh Alam Shah believed he was doing for his fellow countryman when he blasted the Beep Test but he must asked himself if a sportsman cannot even maintain his own fitness then he cannot be earning his paycheck.

Still, I believed he had an effect as for the first time in recent years, the Beep Test standard was allowed to stay stagnant but now with FAS, surely, having to show locals fitness are ever improving, the Beep Test should resume back on it route up with a minimum 13-2 (from 13-1) next year.

I am not asking for the sky as I am not expecting Singaporean to reach level 14 – which is what the local media seem to want to compare with – thus matching the North Asian immediately.

In truth, I do not believed it can be achieved before the end of the next decade as it take time but Singaporean sportsman must be seem to be taking steps to improve their own fitness.

It is the bare minimum expected of a sportsman.

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