Saturday, March 20, 2010

Home coach under the scoop after thrashing

Home United coach Paul Lee will now be under the scoop as they go down to Beijing Gouan (S) 4-1 at Jalan Besar Stadium.

In what must be ranked as one of the worst performance of Home United, in the second half, they totally collapsed under the pressure of the Chinese team as they went onto conceded four goals after taking the lead.

The Protectors had gone into the game without 3 of their regular foreigners - including last year Player of the Year Valery Heik and 03 Player of the Year Peres - but it still does not explain the way they collapsed in the second period and the problem was caused by Paul Lee himself as it is by now well-known he is 'displeased' with his South American import.

I believed the coach has the right to choose who he want in his team as it is his job; much like how Raddy do not like Ahmad Latiff and I support him as Latiff has openly been quoted he do not want to play for Lions under Raddy and in such event a coach must be supported or else chaos will break out with player power in play.

But the difference for Paul Lee and Raddy is the results as Raddy continue to achieve it with the Lions while for Mr Lee, the Protectors are facing a crisis already as they could be out of the title race before the season is in even in the 1/3 stage.

This is unacceptable for a team like Home United - especially when looking at the table Sengkang and Balestier are above them - and Paul Lee must know it for unreasonable as it may seem Home United coach is judged by the trophy he bring to the cabinet and he has brought none yet.

He will not have the time if he failed miserably this season.

Just asked the person who occupy the seat before him.

Time is clicking for Paul Lee and he has to get it right soon.

Home United
Lionel Lewis, Juma’at Jantan, (Shariff Samat) Shahril Alias, (Nelson San Martin) Rosman Sulaiman, Isa Halim, Sharil Ishak (C), Shi Jiayi, Sherif El-Masri, (Firdaus Indros) Zulfadli Zainal Abidin, Tengku Mushadad , Choi Chul Woo

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