Tuesday, March 9, 2010

S-league Guide Book is out

The S-league 2010 Guide Book printed by Singapore Pools is out.

It is free and fans, who collect them as souvenirs, can get them at any of the Singapore Pools and retailers outlets.

Singapore Pools have been printing such guidebook since 2004.


druryfire said...

How do you get hold of one if your in England?

happy said...

Maybe have someone mail it to U,

If U truly want it, I see if I can do that.

druryfire said...

Your Ok pal, don't want to trouble you. I'm sure i can get through life without it.

Thanks for the offer. Your website's looking good pal.

Nuno Alexandre said...


can you send me a copy of the guide please?


henryo said...

Hi! The 2011 edition is out as well.

Previous posts on 2009 & 2010 editions are at: