Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Olympic Cubs invited for International Under-21 Football Tournament/Vietnam Youth Newspaper Cup again

The Cubs, who were invited for the International Under-21 Football Tournament /Vietnam Youth Newspaper Cup last year, have been invited again.

Like last year, the Singapore Olympic team which is U19 now, as FAS had prepare for U21 Olympic, should be the one participating in this event.


October 23, 2010 ( Saturday )
Singapore U21 vs Malaysia U21, Vietnam U21 vs Myanmar U21

October 25, 2010 ( Monday )
Thailand U21 vs Myanmar U21, Vietnam U21 vs Singapore U21

October 27, 2010 ( Wednesday )
Malaysia U21 vs Vietnam U19, Vietnam U21 vs Thailand U21

October 29, 2010 ( Friday ) : Semi Final
October 31, 2010 ( Sunday ) : Third Place, Final

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