Thursday, September 16, 2010

Semi-final beckon

It look like Spore has more than a good chance to make it to the semi-final after the Suzuki Cup draw and Raddy was quoted in the media as believing it was the case as well.

He believed it was going to be host Vietnam and the Lions and he has even say anything less than the Final will be a disappointment and who can disagreed.

I do not know who will be our semi-final foes so let looked at the group.

Myanmar, for all the talk of how well they do, is only good in youth competition and the reasons I have explored years back.

Indeed, they have yet to beat the Lions in any senior competition since 1979 and with no respect to them, I am confident it can be extend as our senior squad is much stronger than them.

That why the top 2 spot in the group looked secure and it is not over-confidence, it is confident in the abilities of our Lions as I believed we can even be champions for the fourth time.

Group A
Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia (host), Winners of Qualifier

Group B
Singapore, Vietnam (host) , Myanmar, Runners up of qualifiers

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