Sunday, September 5, 2010

S-league Preview

Last week Preview - Got 5 right with 2 perfect score and 3 wrong with 1 not yet decided

Geylang United vs Woodlands Wellington
The Eagles should win this one. The Rams have not won a game since June and during that period they have only drawn 2 games from 12 matches. The fact both were goalless show as long as the Eagles get a goal, they are pretty much assured of 3 points. That is not that hard, is it? 2-0 to Geylang United

Home United vs Sengkang Punggol
For the first time, Home United have the championship sights within their grasp. Until last week, they can only be considered third favourite as they needed their two main rival to slip up and now, both have done so. Indeed, this week scenario is even better for Home as no matter the outcome of Tampines Rovers vs Etoile FC tie, the Protectors will benefit as they will be minimum second at the end of it. This is as long as they defeat second-from-bottom Sengkang Punggol. They have no excuse. They must do it. 2-0 to Home United

Young Lions vs Beijing Gouan (S)
The Chinese side are a pretty inconsistent side while the Cubs relied heavily on their captain to show up. Out of the two weakness, who have the bigger weakness. I would say Beijing for as long as Hariss Harun turn up in a Cubs shirt, the Young Lions are capable of taking on any team; especially at the Cub Den. 2-1 to Young Lions

Tampines Rovers vs Etoile FC
The Stags have let a golden chance to open a 4-point gap slip and they have no choice, they have to win their matches and any slip up will be punished at this stage of the season. If they have won last week, a draw here will be acceptable but now, it is different for if Home win their game and this is the outcome, then the Stags will have to share top spot with them with Etoile still biting at them. A defeat will see Stags drop to third while only a victory can kill off Etoile FC chances - as the French will then be 5 points behind - and keep the Protectors at bay. What a tough situation to find themselves in. But this is when championship teams show up and they should forget about any celebration on Friday for if anything other than a win, then their entire year work could vanish. Win or bust. 3-2 to Tampines Rovers

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