Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stags to sell Khariul Amri to Persiba Balikpapan (edited)

Tampines Rovers forward Khariul Amri is set to join Persiba Balikpapan after reports (translated from Indonesian) indicate the Indonesian club is ready to make an offer for him that include a transfer fee.

That for me is the right way forward as once again I cannot stress my disappointment with Home United who meekly allowed Shahril Ishak to leave for free.

There are even indications that Gombak United had done the same but at the moment, I will give John Yap the benefit of the doubt but if it was so, then his words in the media in the past that FAS should give more funding will sound hollow to me.

One cannot give away players for free on one hand and then turn around to demand money with the other.

S-league clubs cannot expect FAS to increase funding to makeup for shortfall when they themselves do not make an effort in cases like this; the clubs have to stand their ground and ask for transfer fees or the Indonesian clubs can wait.

It happen to us as SAFFC had to wait 2 years for Therdask Chaiman when his then-Thai club BEC demanded a U$10k transfer fee.

There is no excuse with talks that it is an honour oversea clubs want our players consider bullshit as it cost money and efforts to develop players and if these players can help recoup part of it, the clubs should do it.


Pohui said...

Amri is signing for Persiba Balikpapan, while Persib is trialling out an Albirex Niigata player, according to sources close to the club

happy said...

Thanks, must hve confused the name of the Indonesian clubs

Pohui said...

hehe.. all the teams almost start with the spelling "Pers..."