Friday, September 3, 2010

The last word

This is not the last word on the blog but on the Duric goal tally as do not want any debate on it as disagreement over data is not an uncommon issue.

The focus should be on Duric achievement as judged by S-league but just want to say I stand by my data I have given as I have check it again and is satisfied.

After all, when Romário scored his 1000th goal, many media network question it tally from the type of games to whether such games were even played etc.

However, none of that matter in the end with the focus on Romário achievement.

Still hopefully one day, when they have the resource, S-league can start a Goal Panel.

The BPL, even with their love of data, had their share of controversy with goal tally before a Goal Panel was set up.

No point showed that more than Andy Cole 100th Premier League goal as a number of media network and statistic companies have different figures with a few of his goals considered own goal or have other claimant as BPL let each organisation have their own data.

Now, every goal has to be stamped by the Goal Panel before they are considered legitimate.

It saw Peter Crouch got a hat-trick in the BPL on a night when he was playing in the Club World Cup in Japan as the Goal Panel in UK stamp their approval by considering an 'own' goal as Peter Crouch.

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