Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Indonesia to call up to 5 new citizen

PSSI has come out to reveal the number of Dutch they have convinced (as under Indonesian law, they have to give up Dutch citizenship) and intend to convert before the AFF Suzuki Cup.

According to (translated from Indonesian), there will be 5; John Van Benkering and Van Dijk we already know so the remaining 3 are David Ririhena, a defender with club side Top Oss, Tom Hiariej, a midfielder with Dutch side FC Gronigen, and Micheal Timisela, a midfielder with Dutch side VVV Venloa.

Top Oss is a Dutch third Division side. Gronigen and VVV Venloa are both Dutch top division sides.

Of these 3, Tom Hiariej, who is 22, has the most impressive resume as he was a Dutch player in the U17 World Cup at Peru and have won a cap at the U21 level* although he appear to have lost his way after that.

PSSI admit they will all be fast-tracked to become Indonesian so that they can be called up for the AFF Suzuki Cup as the normal channels will take too long.

They also hoped that these players will be able to play in friendly games arranged before the AFF Suzuki Cup so that they can build an understanding with their new teammates before the December competition.

This change of track by PSSI to call up Dutch players with Indonesian heritage to rebuild their national team came after the failure to qualify for the Asian Cup Finals for the first time since 1992

* Take note, the European U21 championship consider players to be U21 if they are that age at the start of the qualifiers so Tom Hiariej still qualified for Holland at this point but have not been called up anymore.

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