Sunday, September 5, 2010

Van Dijk could be a formidable foe come Suzuki Cup

If Sergio van Dijk do get his Indonesian citizenship before the Suzuki Cup and get a call-up to the competition, then he is well-placed to be a contender for MVP of the 2010 version.

His goals and performance against Sydney was 1 of the best individual performance seem as it showcased his individual abilities.

It totally reminded me of a younger Duric who has the pace, strength and technical ability (Duric has two left now)

A Youtube video of the game had only show part what he was capable of in that game as many times he was involved in Adelaide United attack that did not ended up in the net.

If he show up in the Suzuki Cup in such form then Indonesia will be a dangerous foe.

The issues against him is he may lacked understanding with his Indonesian teammates thus they do not make best use of him along with a lacked of communication (As I do not think he speak Indonesian fluently)

The Lions will still have to look out for him if we are drawn against Indonesia.

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