Friday, September 17, 2010

White Swans beat Dolphins once again

Fans always sing - Can we meet you every week - when they meet a favourite opposition and this year, the Dolphins are a favourite opposition of the White Swans.

4 meeting in League and Cup and the White Swans achieved 3 win and 1 draw.

It cannot get better than that as the Dolphins have contributed nearly a 1/3 of the White Swans points in the league table.

So the White Swans must be singing and wishing they played Sengkang Punggol every week as Mitsuki Ichihara scored the winner.

Sengkang Punggol
Fadhil Salim (GK), Ratna Suffian, Lau Meng Meng, Kenji Arai, Jordan Webb, Nor Azli Yusoff (C), (Farizal Basri) An Jae Cheul, Faizal Amir, Duncan Elias, (Jalal) Sobrie Mazelan, Mamadou Diallo

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