Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shahril Ishak move to ISL

Home United midfielder Sharil Ishak will be moving to the Indonesian Super Liga to join Baihakki at Persib Bandung.

I wonder if Baihakki was the one who talk both side to such an agreement (as it too much of a coincidence) and if it was, I hate him.

Sharil Ishak was quote as saying he was at first reluctant to leave Home United as the club had supported him back in 2007 when he was affected up to half a year by the lung infection and few clubs in Singapore, or even ASEAN, are noted for that.

But in the end, the Singaporean international admitted the pay check and chance of oversea experience was to big a temptation.

He will received double his Home United wages and believed the club he is going is financial-sound as he has hired a agent to look into the matter.

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