Friday, October 15, 2010

Agu agreed term Persija but transfer not confirmed

Jakmania has announced Gombak United forward Agu Casmir has agreed terms with Persija Jakarta for the ongoing ISL season.

But the article noted the Indonesian club have not signed a contract with the Singaporean international as he still has a contract with Gombak United until December.

For me, this will show if Bulls chairman John Yap is in a word, two-faced, as Persija Jakarta is known to be among the richest and most stable club in ISL and John Yap have no reason not to ask a transfer fee for Agu.

John Yap have constantly asked for more funds and this move is a way to raise much-needed money as Persija is not just any Indonesian club (which there are quite a few who may appear to be King but is a pauper)

So if he does not even asked for a transfer fee, he should not be asking for more funds as he is not doing his part.

If Persija Jakarta do not want to pay, they can wait until the end of the S-league season in November to pick up their forward.

Show your card, John Yap.

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