Monday, October 4, 2010

van Beukering chance of making Suzuki Cup higher as he quit Dutch football (Edited)

New Indonesian forward John van Beukering chances of making the Suzuki Cup has raise after he quit Dutch football. (translated from Indonesian)

It seem he is set to seek new pasture in Indonesian football and who can blamed him for he is now struck in the Dutch second Division.

Let be honest, a footballer career in the Dutch second Division is not likely to be paved with the pot of gold.

With this move, he has decided to seek a better living at the prime of his career and whether it work or not, he has little to lose.

The payout could then be worth it.

And, what make this move smart is he is now an Indonesian thus he will not be restricted by any foreign quotas.

It also mean he can make the Suzuki Cup as it unlikely his, now, former club will be happy to let him play in the competition for an entire month.

With the Suzuki Cup trophy among Indonesia easier target to achieve, he could find himself a hero at the end of it all.

 It is certainly killing two birds with one stone.


Jonathan T said...

"Dutch second Division for his entire career" correction there...he used to playe for De Graafschap, and N.E.C in EREDIVISIE, the top tier football in Holland.

happy said...

Thanks. I will edit it