Thursday, October 7, 2010

Home United pay for weak management by Koh Siong Ling

The title race was not lose tonight.

It was lost the moment the weak management lead by chairman Koh Siong Ling allowed their skipper to leave (and for nothing somemore)

They can said anything but history will record down that the weak leadership of Koh Siong Ling had allowed an important player in the team to leave at a crucial stage of the season and it was for nothing (Once more I have to repeat that)

The chairman must take his blame no matter what as it was under his leadership, such an event happen.

He cannot escape it and like the FAS president, which is rotated, it will only make my point that rotation of the top position weaken management for no matter if Mr Koh was a failure or a success, he will be gone sooner or later.

What is the motivation for a person in such a position especially as the person had admitted he does not even like S-league football much before getting the post.

Oh yeah, the score was 0-0.

Home United
Lionel Lewis (GK), Juma'at Jantan, Valery Hiek, Rosman Sulaiman, Shi Jiayi (C), Tengku Mushadad, Chun Jae Woon, (Firdaus Idros) Isa Halim, Sufian Anuar, Jun Woo Keun, Choi Chul Woo

Balestier Khalsa
Joey Sim (GK), Paul Cunningham, Daniel Hammond (C), Mushthafa Kamal, K Sathiaraj, Syaqir Sulaiman, Ishak Zainol, (Goh Swee Swee) Poh Yi Feng, (Andrew Tan) Nurhilmi Jasni, Rivaldo Costa, (Syafiq Zainal) Vitor Borges

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