Friday, October 1, 2010

South Melbourne squad changes

South Melbourne has announced their new squad that will be taking part in the 2010 RHB Singapore Cup quarter-final and beyond.

The new signings are Jesse Krncevic and Steven Topalovic from the Richmond Eagles and Lukmon Anifaloyin from Fawkner.

Krncevic is regarded as one of the best attacking players in the league and will be looking to provide the finishing prowess in the final third.

Topalovic, a former South junior, is a versatile player that can play through both defense and midfield. At only 20 years of age, he has a reputation of being one of the most effective defenders in the league.

Nigerian born Lukmon Anifaloyin is a highly rated and skilled central defender who will be joining the club from Fawkner and is expected to fight both Eddie Cetkin and James Stefanou for duties next to Steven O’Dor in the heart of the defence.

As well as these key signings, four of South Melbourne FC’s Championship winning Under 21 squad will also be joining the squad, with Dimitri Vithoulkas, Mackie Simmons, Brad Treloar and George Malliaras all being registered into the squad for the Singapore Cup.

The Blues, their nickname, are playing Bangkok Glass in the quarter-final with the second leg, staged at Jalan Besar, to be LIVE telecast on both MediaCorp channel 5 and Starhub sport channel.

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