Sunday, October 17, 2010

S-league Preview (Edited to add in Sengkang Punggol vs Tampines Rovers)

S-league Preview - 3  right with 2 perfect score and 1 wrong 

Gombak United vs Young Lions
The Bulls are an inconsistent team and even in this case when they should be favourite, I rather go against them.After all they are facing a tired Young Lions who have been playing non-stop since returning from Vietnam but with rumors Agu Casmir is leaving, who can score for the Bulls as let be honest, their Koreans are not that good. The Cubs have also shown a stronger mental strength than the Bulls have even shown. So they are capable of a draw if  not a win 1-1 draw 

Beijing Gouan (S) vs Albirex Niigata (S)
The White Swans will be downcast after their Singapore Cup defeat but they have a good chance to get back on their feet. They are capable of defeating the Chinese side who are missing many players. They just have to score which is their main weakness. And, if they cannot score they really do not deserves to win. 2-0 to Albirex Niigata (S)  

SAFFC vs Woodlands Wellington
The Warriors will win this one, let be honest. So that about it. 3-0 to SAFFC  

Balestier Khalsa vs Geylang Unite
This looked like an even match-up. Both sides can defeat each other. The question then become if they can. The truth is both are likely to be cautious as they should know the first goal could decide the game as each side can defend a lead. I will go with the Tigers as I know they have Rivaldo and that is good enough for me. 1-0 to the Tigers  

Etoile FC vs Young Lions
The French should win this one but then, the Cubs have impressed me with their mental strength so I will give the Cubs mental strength a chance. They are certainly capable of walking away with a point if they keep up their good work. So that what I expect. 1-1 draw 

Gombak United vs Home United 
Let make this an easy one. Win or Burst, Home United. You were let off by the Warriors thumping of the Etoile FC (Or not as you could have been top and leading the race with two games to go) You have no second chance anymore. 2-1 to Home United

Sengkang Punggol vs Tampines Rovers 
I see no reason to believe Sengkang Punggol can derail the championship hopes of Tampines Rovers even if the match is played at Hougang. The Stags need the points and they have Duric. These 2 factors alone will be enough to convince anybody that the Eastern giant should walk away with all 3 points. After all, the Hougang side may have been stronger defensively since the joining of Kenjia Arai but they still lacked goals so once the Stags take the lead, there looked little chance of a comeback. 2-0 to the Stags

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