Friday, January 1, 2010

Sutee join Bangkok Glass

Despite Tampines Rovers coach Vorawan Chitavanich claiming there was an agreement with Thai midfielder Sutee Suksomkit to re-join the Stags if his move to A-league did not worked out, as the club have only signed 3 foreigners, it is not working out this way as Thai have gone back to Thailand.

He has signed for Bangkok Glass on a 3-year contract.

It seem
Vorawan will be most disappointed as he had personally contacted Sutee to secure his agreement on the Thai comeback to the Stags and has left a spot vacant for that move.


Pohui said...

Oh well...

it seems to be a common thing nowadays, I would rather say verbal agreement is a thing of a past, I felt situation like this should have something in black and white signed even before the official contract is inked.

happy said...

Lucky there still time to get a player in but wonder if they will as it is too rush & they may up with 'inferior' goods

Pohui said...

I think the otherwise, time is running out and as you mentioned we aren't even aware of the league fixture... things sure look murky at most clubs