Friday, January 1, 2010

S-league Teams spot a sore thumb

Once again, FAS is showing their indecisiveness as rumors spread that they are considering a bid from Harimau Mudab (Malaysia U23 team).

Only one reaction can reflect that and that shocking.

It is shocking not because it is a Malaysian team but shocking that with only one month to start of S-league season, FAS is 'forced' to consider an admission at this late stage.

I have no interest if FAS is taking this step because of the relationship with FAM or because FAS think they are a good side as that team just won the SEA Games gold or even in the end, it is just a rumor.

The main focus is S-league team slot are it biggest bugbear and it is happening every year.

FAS promised a better season and they have in a way done that as Home United (without doubt forced by FAS so as to meet AFC criteria for ACL) will be a full professional team and better foreigners are coming in with many of them coming with big reputation in the coming season.

But the team slot are a mess every year and last season it was only finalized just one week before start of the season and this season it is hardly any better even as MediaCorp TODAY report it will be ready next week.

If it is the start of next week, it mean the 4th and if it is Friday, it mean 8th and after that, we still have to wait a while for the fixture list to be released so it is at best two weeks earlier than last season and at worst one week.

This is not the way to do thing in this age and time even if one can say back in the old days (as old-timers like to tell things were always better in the old days) it was indeed so.

For fixture list were never released early to the public and at times, fans do not even know the fixture list until the start of the season and that was true even for the Malaysian era as many fans will not even know the Malaysian league has started until the first few game were play and then they only know the next team they are facing and it seldom go beyond that.

Unfortunately, this is a different era and FAS cannot offer anything as an excuse even if they claimed it is because they are setting higher standard for S-league entry.

It seems the criteria was only raised at the last moment as a result of the negative vibes at the tail-end of last season so it was in it way your own fault.

With many local fans now exposed to the European way of planning their league, FAS way appear ancient as it is always last moment.

The fixture list was always fixed one month after their season ended so that the league stay in the mind of the public view and for S-league that mean, by the start of December.

Even AFC have gone that way with ACL and AFC Cup and the fixtures are out already, two months before any games is played, and have released it to the clubs.

Geylang United have their Asian fixtures on their website but sadly nothing on the S-league.

This may appear to be a small matter but if it is indeed a small matter then it should be easy to fix and should not be surfacing every year like a sore thumb and shifting the focus away from other positive vibes of the league.

After all, AFC only want stronger and better-run league in their top-tier competition ACL and that why even top second-tier (in term of playing standard) league like Kuwait and Jordan etc are not included.

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