Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ismail Yunos still not ready

Home United has admitted in their website in an interview about their new defender Shariff Abdul Samat that promising international defender Ismail Yunos is still seriously injuried.

The 23-year-old has already virtually missed the entire 2009 season and his comeback at the tailend of the season was ended before he could even train as the club doctor told him to be take it slowly.

That why the club had to sign Shariff Abdul Samat once veteran S Subramani decided to retire.

It seem a rocky ahead for
Ismail Yunos as he staged his comeback and all the best to him as he looked set to miss a good part of 2010 as well.

And that why, the ban on U18 (despite grumbling from some with 'selfish' interests) playing in the S-league looked the right decision for if it was a much younger player, when the body is developing, the player's career will be over before it even begun.

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