Friday, June 25, 2010

Etoile deny coach is leaving but team is up for sale

After rumors of coach Patrick Vallee departure spread, Etoile FC chairman Johan Gouttefangeas, in an interview with TODAY, deny their coach is leaving.

Instead the Frenchman claim his fellow countryman is the only person in the team not for sale while stating everybody else is.

He was quoted: “It is okay if the players are sourcing for other clubs — we did agree that if they got better deals elsewhere, they can leave.

But there must be something in it for the club, of course,” said Gouttefangeas.

“Everyone is for sale, and everyone has a price. There is no problem.”

Khaled Kharroubi and Leeroy Anton have already left the club while skipper Matthias Verschave, one of the player believed to be leaving, and Brice Morandini are reportedly missing from training with
Gouttefangeas claiming they are 'ill'.

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Amine said...

Kharroubi is the best midfielder i ever seen before...i heard that i will be to Union Berlin in the II Bundesliga...great player !!