Friday, June 4, 2010

SAFFC fall to Bulls

SAFFC coach Richard Bok was right to claim his side was aging and deteriorating fast last season despite winning the championship.

Unfortunately, he was wrong about the personnel who he should have let go first.

Now at the halfway point of the season, it is clear he will need another clearout at the end of the season and players like Park and Ahmad Latiff will surely be heading the list of players he should have let go off last season.

Both were, and possibility are still, good players but if they start to feel the strain of the match after just an hour of action then they cannot be utilised fully and they have become a burden to the team.

It is especially so as both played in the engine room in midfield but at the stage of the game when SAFFC needed the full commitment of all the players on the field, it was clear both were willing but their body had given up.

Ahmad Latiff was at the centre of the field sending long passes as quickly as he got it as he could no longer pick and run with the ball while Park was just a passenger.

The Bulls were picking on such weakness as they just sat back once they had the lead with a Park Kang Jin goal for they knew SAFFC engine room was gone.

Richard Bok will have to rebuild and it has to start with releasing players who can no longer keep up with the rest during the match as it is 90 minutes of action and not an hour.


Hyrulnizam Juma'at (GK), Daniel Bennett, Ivan Lovric, Hafiz Osman, Ahmad Latiff (C), Noh Rahman, John Wilkinson, Park Tae Won, (Mustaqim Manzur) Federico Martinez, (Erwan Gunawan) Indra Sahdan, Taisuke Akiyoshi
Gombak United
Zaiful Nizam (GK), Jaslee Hatta (C), Bah Mamadou, Obadin Aikhena, Jeremy Chiang, Hamqaamal Shah, (Zulkiffli Hassim) Ruhaizad Ismail, Goran Subara, Fazrul Nawaz, (Chang Jo Yoon) Agu Casmir, (Shafuan Sutohmoh) Park Kang Jin

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