Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fadzu set for Dolphins return

Former Lions Fadzuhasny Juraimi is set for a return to Sengkang Punggol.

He is expected to put pen to paper once he pass his Beep Test which coach Aide Iskandar is confident he will achieve within this week.

Aide claim Fadzuhasny had already 'pass' his test once; achieving a 12-11 thus allowing the forward to qualify under a special concession rule, which allows each club to sign one player above the age of 30 who meet a minimum score of Level 12-10 and not the regular passing requirement of Level 13-1.

However, it seem the testers thought that he didn’t step on the boundary line when he hit 12-10, so his score was only recorded as 12-9.

If Fadzu cannot do it this week then club will have no striker until the end of the season as Iranian forward Mojtaba Tehranizadeh is reportedly a long way from making the passing mark in the Beep Test thus the club will not be signing him.

The Hougang club have signed Ratna Suffian on a part-time basis and a goalkeeper Al-Aminnur from the NFL to replace the injured Amos Boon.

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