Friday, June 25, 2010

Sengkang to release another foreigner?

Ongoing rumors is spreading that bottom-dwellers Sengkang Punggol is set to release another foreigner who has been a disappointment.

This time, it is believed to be Guinean midfielder Abdoulaye Diallo.

It should be no surprise as his performance is decent but as a foreigner it is way below expectations and it justified PSSI decision to put Abdoulaye Diallo on a list of players that is 'undesirable' for their ISL two years ago.

He is just not good enough and if the Hougang side take this action, it may not be for the worse like Murphy release.

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Vincent said...

According to an interview with Jakarta TV, Abdoulaye's contract with Sengkang ends at the end of this month. He will return home first before coming back to SEA to look for another club.