Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SNOC reject Cubs for Asia Games

That why I have constantly say there should be a qualifiers for the Asian Games as how hard is it for Asian Olympic Council (AOC) to do that.

It is not like they have that many project on their hands and in Asia, we actually lacked such youth-age games for even those teams that do go to the Asian Games matches, most are only going to have to count on the 3 matches, they play in the group stages, for the next 4 years.

This is terrible and a recipe for disaster thus that why Asia is still a step (Ok, many steps) behind the established powers of Europe and South America.

Oh Yeah, here is the report from Today telling us football and Hockey are not going.

Also on another note, this is a further insult to local sport as Hockey have a qualifiers and they qualified as the runner-up in the group and they cannot go because SNOC want them to be top 6 first.

SNOC, you have a loose screw in your head as they did not just finished 6th in the qualifiers to get it but 2nd and if being the best 8 in Asia is not good enough, you clearly need a new brain.

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