Friday, June 4, 2010

Latiak to depart Eagles

Geylang United have revealed bad news as they looked to focus on finishing in the top 3 this season after a brilliant two months.

Slovakian Miroslav Latiak who has been a consistent force in their midfield is set to depart the Bedok club due to home sickness.

He has been with Geylang United since 2008 but want to return to his homeland now as it is in the European close season so he can find a new club.

It is surely disappointing news even as the club try to put up a brave front and claim they have a ready-make replacement in Korean Kim Jae Hongl; who has signed for the club until the end of the season.

Kim had also played for the Eagles in the second part of the 2009 season before departing due to contract dispute.

That in a way tell us the story that while Kim will run as many miles as Latiak, he is not as good as the Slovakian in commanding the midfield.

The Eagles looked unable to replace Latiak in the short term and they could suffer for that.

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