Saturday, January 22, 2011

39 matches slotted for weekend but .....

This season, there will be over 50% increase in matches on weekend according to the fixture list.

Last year, only 24 matches from the S-league took place on weekend but this is only if one believed the fixture list.

And, I do not so do not bet your house that this will be the number of matches that will be played.

Unfortunately, the Competition Division have a history of fixing the calender again and again when the season start and last year there were numerous changes to the calender and one cannot blamed the Beijing vs Young Lions game as it started before then.

The Balestier Khalsa 2010 season calender will show us it started in March, just one month after season started, and incredible by the second half of the season, the original fixture list mean nothing as every games will have being change to another date.

Of course, one hoped this time the new Football Director of Competition will stick to the fixture list for like the League Cup, constant changes show a lacked of respect to the competition.

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