Monday, January 10, 2011

COEs need more funding

Today has run a series of report - More than just half empty Talent pool running dry that tell us the COEs need more funding before more clubs are willing to take it up.

Is it a shock?

Not really as such reports over the years have appear several time especially when clubs pulled out of the COEs with Gombak United and then-still-called Sengkang Punggol two years ago at the start of the current FAS president era.

Maybe that person should have been talking about this issue as it fall under his organisation but of course, it will not make headlines like Malaysia Cup, ASEAN Super League and now disbanding the Lions.
S$100k was insufficient back in 2009 and it is insufficient now in 2011 and that is why local clubs give it up as in the end, it is about the money for there is no transfer market in ASEAN football.

So instead of spending money and effort on so called Malaysia Cup and ASEAN Super League projects going, that person may tell us how he intend to get that money when he failed to get the needed money on so many other projects.

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