Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Lions who will recieved a good goodbye from me and those who I think whose time are not yet up

Thanks to the top man in FAS, this batch of Lions will see some leaving with a bad mark, through no fault of their, and that is why I decided to write this article.

Not all of the Lions deserved this as some have served to the best of their abilities and they should leave with goodwill from the fans.

I will take the Suzuki Cup squad as the base.

At the same time, I will  list the players I still want to stay with the Lions and that include Qiu Li and Shi Jia Yi as both have the qualities the Lions need.

Of course that list do not need to include players like Safuwan Baharudin, Shahdan Sulaiman, Hariss Harun, Izwan Mahbud and Shafiul Esah as that man (You know who I am talking) say it was the main first team and not the squad that was being let go.

So on forward to those who should leave with goodwill.

1) Aleksandar Duric
Number one on the list as he has the most to feel letdown. This year when he scored his 300th S-league goal, that man already mess it up and now with his retirement, that man, once again, come out to mess it up. He does not deserved it as he could have easily focus on his club career at his age but his desire to win something with the Lions see him going on. The fact he was the top scorer put to shame his fellow forwards. He always give his best and was fit even when he was 40 and some Lions, who are not even 30, cannot match him. He was also the one to put the Lions on the way to the World Cup Group Stage back in 2007 with a double on his debut. 

2) Noh Rahman
For him, I feel he has much to feel letdown as he is the type of Lions a lot of fans claimed they want their Lions to be. But yet he was never given that credit because he was an average Lion. Yes, he make mistakes on the pitch but if the fans asked for a commitment then he is that type of player. He always give his best and play in whatever position the coach want him to play without complain. He just do his job and that is a credit as other will have wanted the glory. He deserved a better going away then to be tainted with those other Lions who do not deserved it. 

3) Mustafic Fahrudin
A Lion, whose time is up because of the Vietnam game. It is not due to any commitment issue as he always give his best on the pitch. But by the 80 minutes mark of that game, he was gone physically for, despite still fighting for every ball, it was clear he was a step behind. But is he not the type of player some are calling - fighting for every ball even when it is losing cause. He is and that is why he deserved to leave with goodwill from the fans. 

4) Masrezwan Masturi
It should have been his crowing glory as he return to the national setup. Now he may be tainted once again as he had previously lost his place due to indiscipline. But he got back on track by focusing on his football at his club and he was rewarded. That is why he does not deserved to be tainted again for he showed the commitment and desire to win back his Lion place when he could easily forget it like other who chose to retire once they did not get their way.

5) Precious Emuejeraye
A Lion whom some will not appreciate to be on the list but let be fair, he has never given trouble on the field (By that, I mean throw a temper when he does not get his way and it is not about his performance) or off it. He may not be a great footballer but fans are willing to claim they appreciate their Lions if they give it their all. Then Precious have done that for he has never been late (Like a partner of his) or been caught drunk-driving before a major game and that should be good enough to see him leave with goodwill.

Now onto players who I think still deserved their call up

1) the keepers - Lionel Lewis and  Hassan Sunny 
I do not see why they do not deserved to call up as each have served with credit with Hassan Sunny doing well for the Lions in the Suzuki Cup. As for Lionel, we know if he was given the chance, he will perform creditably as well.

2) Daniel Bennett
When he did not play, the Lions showed how much they missed him and he can still contribute especially as it looked like the defence will need a leader now for the back four could be make up of mostly new birds. He has also given it his all when called upon and is only in his early 30s.

3) Shahril Ishak
A player reaching his peak and it is crazy to offload him as he has much to contribute to the Lions. There is also no reason to drop him because he could easily missed the Asian Games if his club wanted him to.

4) Agu Casmir
Frankly, some will find fault with him and the most common one is he is greedy. But is that a crime as I am greedy as well. Like Precious Emuejeraye, who some will group Agu with, Agu has never been late or been caught drunk-driving before a major game and that should be good enough. He has never created major problem or friction so why drop a player who can still contribute. For he is even a better role model than some whom fans are willing to forgive.

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David80 said...

Agu just scored his first goal today, while Ridhuan was substituted half way game, because he just....well very very poor. NAS goal scoring problem continues....he had chance to score but he blasted it away....