Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TNP Blopper II (Is it really Haniff)

While TNP claimed to have Singapore football sewn into their heart and memory, I just hoped they can put in a 'bit more' effort when they are writing the real football article.

Or else, as I say before it is the blind leading the blind and no wonder they are now virtually no sport writer/reporter in the eye of many.

Such mistakes are getting common as TNP write more of their own articles (It not like the juicy article where they whack people and no need to write anything on sport) and it exposed what many say; which is local papers, ST included, is copy, edit and paste.

That is why when it is time to write their own articles, they do not know who the players are as they seldom do their own work, like what I am doing now, and relying on others work.

Here is what a Kallang roar forummer civotarum found out.

TNP fail again..

they mentioned Haniff pounced on the loose ball but shot wide with an almost empty net in the 73 minute..

Firstly, Haniff was already replaced around the 30th min, so for sure it wasnt him..

Secondly, i think that chance fell to ignatius. Haniff is probably the tallest player in the team, while ignatius is the shortest, how they manage to mix that up beats me.. i mean if you mix up syafiq with fazil or safirul, its understandable, but ignatius and haniff??

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