Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jaguars set to take 12th spot

CNA have revealed the 12th team which is Tanjong Pagar United

Channel NewsAsia understands that former Singapore international Terry Pathmanathan is in line to take the reins as coach, with Clementi Stadium as the club's new home ground.

Chairman Edward Liu revealed that the club are already in talks with potential sponsors, and are in the final process of evaluating if its resources are sufficient to return to professional football.


Pohui said...

Another "Paya Lebar Punggol" in the making?? The fact is you can NEVER form or re-group a club in a such a short time?

What effort made to see the Jaguars during those "sit-out" years?

happy said...

100% it will be Paya Lebar Punggol

They are set to sign the 'best of the worst' even among the U21 age grp (afterall, if they were that good and available, other clubs wld hve sign them already)let alone any creditable foreigners

The goodwill is there now but for how long as let be honest, no win in the opening rd (meaning the first 11 matches) & I can see some calling them a 'disgrace' already.

It a mistake to bring in TPUFC at this pt as the mgt appear to be nt confident themselves (Or else they will nt hve mention it was FAS that 'push' them)

This is a problem for Paya Lebar Punggol mgt at that time as well as they later on went on record saying they nvr expect it to be that hard.

I wonder if TPUFC mgt is 'thick-skinned' enough to beg/borrow to keep the club alive after wht cld be a disaster first season as PLP mgt was nt