Friday, January 21, 2011

League Cup scrapped

Saw the fixture list this year and it does not include the league Cup in the calendar.

With the season set to kick off in 3 weeks time, it is unlikely there will be any changes to the fixture list as FAS had already reportedly done changes to it.

So it is likely the League Cup have taken the first step to the history book.

The League Cup was started in 2007 and it status as the league most unglamorous Cup was seem by how the Big 3 constantly fielded reserves teams in the competition.

It soon spread to even the middle-tier field as Geylang United and Gombak United etc also started to field players they rarely exposed in the S-league in the League Cup.

The fact was winning the competition just cost more than losing it for the prize money is less than a mid-table finish in the S-league.

The winner of the League Cup
2007 - Woodlands Wellington
2008 - Gombak United
2009 - Brunei DPMM (Brunei)
2010 - Etoile FC (France)

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