Thursday, January 13, 2011

SSC only give $300k to Singapore football

Called me a skeptic or whatever.

It did not came out from the mouth of FAS but from S-league clubs chairman and there is not good enough as it mean there is no endorsement from FAS and even more importantly SSC and Singapore Pools.

So I rather see the amount first.

Also the statement from Balestier Khalsa chairman S Thavaneson about SSC show me SSC want money, not sport business development.

Clubs are now looking to get more out of their clubhouses, and will write in to the SSC to explore ideas.

Said Thava: "The SSC approach has been to make available to the clubs more facility-areas for them to expand their clubhouse operations which will generate income, but the SSC says we have to pay commercial rates.

"That's not workable and we're not letting that lie."

Considering SSC owned every sport facilities in Singapore, I doubt there is going to be real reductions in rental fees and that mean the financial situation will be difficult to improve as it is like I say before, one hand in one hand out. 

And that is big amount out with SSC collecting S$1.2 million rental (after minus their so called rental subsidies) so I wonder what money they are giving Singapore football as they only give S$1.5 million in their annual subsidies from the government.

It is only S$300k.

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