Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hong Kong Friendly off due to Jaguars?

It appear the  double-header friendly against Hong Kong is off as Bigsoccer forumer Angsa report Hong Kong has announced there will be a game against Malaysia on February 9 and again in May or June.

With the schedule so tight as the World Cup qualifiers is returning, it is unlikely now Singapore will play against Hong Kong.

I have a feeling it is no doubt due to the Jaguars inclusion in the S-league.

It may seem harsh to pinpoint the, yet to confirm, S-league club but let be honest, FAS is funding it and no matter how cheaply it is done (even without foreigners as there is no indication the club is signing them) it will cost a bundle of at least over half a million dollars.

And the Hong Kong double-header can cost easily just under $100k and that is money FAS need to fund two teams this year.

After all, one cannot see how the Jaguars will get any major sponsor, like what their chairman claimed, for in the foreseeable future there is little prospect they will be challenging for any major trophies.

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