Sunday, January 16, 2011

That man 'declared' Malaysia Cup plan over

Before proceeding, readers should know who that man is but I should explain why I cannot bear to write his name at this moment in time.

It will simply lead to negative thoughts as there is how much harm he has done in the last few weeks; if not last few months or even the last two years plus of his administration.

And that will lead to bashing and the news will be drown out.

Onto the topic, for readers who read the full article by TNP about that man without first vomiting at his photo (you see who much negative thoughts) will notice a statement.

The statement read - Z also ruled out the possibility of Singapore returning to the Malaysia Cup.

So should be I be happy now?

Not really as I do not trust him at all now especially regarding Malaysia Cup issues and here are the reasons.
  1. It has taken far too long as the Malaysia Cup story have been around for a while and he has always refused to kill it off showing his true intention.
  2. He spoke too many times in support of such a plan with I having written even two POV article on it and one of them was just last month so why the '180 degree change in heart'.
  3. He cannot keep promises as once again he flip flop on his plans and who know if he flip flop again.
  4. Lastly, who know if he will be quoted as telling us he was 'mis-translated' (Remember the Lions issues) for it seem he is speaking a language only he understand.
A man worth his words. Not that man so I viewed his 'new' declaration with caution if not disbelief.

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