Monday, January 3, 2011

New year and already we see a broken promise from Zainduin

It is January 3, 2011 already and the promise was the 12th team will be announced before December 31, 2010.

So before you open your mouth again, Mr Zainduin.

I would like to remind you that this is the third straight time, we see a broken promise from  you within the past year.

How can anybody trust you when you are clearly opening your mouth to make promises you have no intention or no ability of keeping.

Two years? One month is already too long when you show you cannot keep to a timeline to reveal the 12th team as this should be the easiest assignment of the next two years.


Pohui said...

When was the promise made and quoted from the Mayor or merely written on the papers?

happy said...

U can say it is only written by the papers

But the problem is Zainduin is nt showing any willingness to correct perspective, is he

Since that report broken, has he come to say otherwise?

1 thing is we often see is when MPs see reports that reflect wrongly on their organisation view, they come out quickly to reflect it like how a ST report claimed a PAP MP in SM Goh GRC was nt well-liked.

SM Goh came out to defend the MP & ST cover half a page for it.

If Zainduin was willing to speak (Like he nvr does for local football issue) it will be under the ground.

But he does nt as he knw he will be asked then when the decision be make & he will be in 'worse' position

At least nw, it can be under the carpet as the mainstream media do nt ask him & he do nt hve to ans