Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jaguars is U21 in disguise?

TNP have claimed the main reason why Tanjong Pagar United looked set to be in the S-league is because the Jaguars have 'agreed' to be an U21 side.

It is also for that reason FAS is willing to 'loan' Terry Pathmanathan to Tanjong Pagar United as the former Cubs coach was surprised to know he was appointed as the Jaguars coach.

One wonder if the Jaguars fans will be willing to accept such a position for the long-term as there is no doubt to get back to the S-league, they will accept it now.

For let not fool ourselves, the supporters of a club that is destined to be rooted in the bottom half is tough already and if one is set to stay there for a while thanks to a policy to hire mainly U21 players, they should have a lot to anguish over.

It will also, sooner or later, lead to question on the ambition of the club management and why they are willing to accept such a lousy proposal especially as they could be seem as a subordinate to the Young Lions team.

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