Monday, October 13, 2014

I have no faith in MCCY choice anymore (edited)

It is clear now who Ministry of Culture, community and youth (MCCY) want as the new President of Football Association of Singapore  (FAS) after FAS vice-President Bernard Tan headed a PR campaign over the weekend to showcase his vision.

This article was even given front page treatment by the Sunday Times.

This caught me by surprise on three account as (1) FAS had always been helmed by a People Action Party (PAP) Member of Parliament (MPs) and (2) the next FAS President had never been given so much coverage while the current one was still in charge along with the fact (3) he is never even indirectly named as a successor until the last moment.

On closer inspection, it should be no surprise instead as the current reign of the 'HOPELESS ONE' Zainudin Nordin had been a disaster and time will be needed to repair the damages so why have a PAP man at this moment; for Singapore Athletic Association (SAA) have replaced their former strongman Loh for a good part of a decade and is still plagued by problems.

There is also no better time to unveil him to the public as the Suzuki Cup is coming up and if the campaign is a disaster, he will be tainted by it so it is better to do so as ASEAN champions.

Although one can claimed he is already tainted by it as he is elected by the same MCCY that saw fit to give the 'Hopeless One' 3 terms in office.

Due to no faults of the man, I already have negative thoughts on Bernard Tan thanks to what I have seems of MSF choice - Zainudin Nordin.

When that PAP man came into power, he also claimed he will focus on youth development (May I add that plan by Bernard Tan to get more Primary School children to play football was already part of the long forgotten FAS strategic Plans) but what have FAS done up to now!

The fact, at the same time, the Lions City Cup, which is for Under 15 and Under-16, was facing cancellation this year, FAS chose to focus their efforts and money to sign Baikkahi, a 30-year-old player, for their LionsXII team tell us how much efforts and money FAS put into youths.

So having a plan or a vision is no big deal as the 'Hopeless One' have enough plans and visions to fill an entire cupboard but he has achieved nothing.

Why should Bernard Tan be any different as he came into power due to MCCY and not because Singapore football believe he is the white knight.

Indeed, there will be significant section of fans who will not accept any choice from MSF after going through the 6 years of Zainudin Nordin.

So what the next FAS President-in-waiting need is not a plan or vision.

Rather he need to know promises make are not to be treated lightly and have an iron will.

The current FAS President is the perfect example of a man who think nothing of his promises as he had make a promise that LionsXII will be an Under-23 team. Until now, he has never fulfilled it and continue to shift the goalpost on that promise so why should anybody believed such a man for he can break one promise and there is nothing to stop him breaking another.

Secondly, he try to cover it by claiming it was difficult to achieve so he had no choice but to break it but that is a terrible reason for it show he does not have the will to keep a promise and such a man cannot be trusted as a leader.

All the wrong choices was ticked and yet MCCY still choose the 'Hopeless One' time and time again so I have to ask once again why will it be different this time round!

Bernard Tan may prove me wrong but I have no faith in him at this moment in time.