Monday, December 22, 2014

You take a peice, he take a piece and leave nothing for Singapore football

Have one ever wondered why the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) like revamp so much?

The answer is simple, it allowed FAS to 'rob' the rest of Singapore football clean legally.

Once again, another revamp, that claimed to put money into clubs hand, is found wandering yet again.

First, the sum do not add up with FAS only passing out $130k (It may even be less as I explain later) to each clubs but that is only $780k altogether.

FAS, when they culled Tanjong Pagar and forced merger of Woodlands Wellington and Hougang, have nearly $2million extra from the revamp.

It is missing nearly $1.2 million of funds so want to tell us where it goes, FAS!

It does not take a genius to see as I had previously questioned if the money will really reached the clubs.

After all, FAS had increased the number of internationals in their LionsXII squad, with widespread knowledge they do that by spending big bucks on their wages, FAS will need a lot of extra funds to cover that as well as losses in the past.

Before going on, let take a look at if it possible for LionsXII to make money.

The best example is the past 2 years, for no matter how much the pro-Malaysia Cup media and FAS put it, the fact is the Jalan Besar ground were sold out only 4 times out of 30 games (counting only Malaysian Super League and Malaysia Cup) and that was near the end of 2013 regular season when LionsXII were on the verge of winning a trophy.

Even the 'popular' Malaysia Cup also only saw attendances go up in knockout stage with no record of a sold out group match game in 3 years.

With ticket sales the main source of income, as sponsorship deals are in the low figures and do not help out much, how is possible to make a profit especially as FAM also take a cut of it.

Yet wages are high and fixed expenses like rental to utilities will only keep going up making the situation worse.

If FAS can claimed they can make a profit (which they have never done speaking volume that LionsXII is bleeding rather than helping Singapore football) under such circumstances then the financial team should be hot commodities and every clubs in the world want them.

Now onto what I mean by the 'fake' figures of $130k as the media report mentioned most of it is in cash; which is always a good indication that clubs will never see all of it.

Prime Minister Lee has always defended the high salaries for his government by telling us it is above board as it is simple and all of it in cash; unlike others with their add-on that tend to boast salaries beyond comprehension.

Just like add-on can boast money terms, it can be used in reverse to deny them thus talks of terms and condition, when allocating the subsidies, it tell us most of the money will always end up back in the hand of FAS.

The now-renamed Sport Singapore (SSG) seeing all the action by FAS have also come in for a piece of the action.

After all, a new name does not mean sports is now their core when it has always been money.

Once again we see SSG coming in to inform us it is time to raise the rent again.

4 years back, SSG gobbled up a big share of the subsidies the clubs did get their hands on and this is mattering once again.

Rent will go up an amazing 20%-25% and no doubt they'll tell us they had 'actually' give out more subsidies but like in the link, it is meaningless then, it is meaningless now.

Maybe Mr Teo Ser Luck will once again defend the actions of SSG but they're hurting the interest of Singapore sports industry with their relentless increments of rent as they're a monopoly and sporting teams cannot turn to anybody else.

So what's the use of this revamp as the money end up going back to FAS and SSG!

Indeed S-league CEO Mr Lim Chin talks of the 'big picture' and for our 'own good' is hollow now as this revamp is really for FAS and SSG, not S-league nor Singapore football.

Singapore football industry can never grow as FAS and SSG is gobbling it cash whenever they have a chance under talks of revamp for 'our own good'. ( It is really their own good)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Our future's (not) bright

Since the Suzuki Cup group stage exit, the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) has gone on a charm offensive with our local media giant Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) as articles appearing in their papers are telling us of a 'bright future' ahead.

First on the Monday, after Singapore exit, the worthless one, Zainduin Nordin defended the LionsXII claiming it is on the verge of 'producing players' ready to conquer.

Then FAS general manager of Youth Development (JCOE) S. Varapha Rajan tell us the National Football Academy (NFA) is as 'good as any in the world' and the problem is just the outflow is worse than elsewhere so not totally their fault.

After that, former national coach P.N.Sivaji step in telling us of 'the talents Singapore has at hand' thus the future is positive, not negative.

Yet is it so as events does not showcased FAS 'Confidence'.

First on point one with FAS releasing their players list for their LionsXII, which showcased as many as 10 players who are not Under-23 next year, so how is that emerging talents as the likes of Firdaus Kasman and Shahdan Sulaiman, signed from Tampines, are internationals, not rookies.

Here's the real reason why youngsters are not emerging; players who are 24-29 and are internationals are playing in an Under-23 team.

So national coach Bernard Stange should not be 'shocked' with his players lacked of steel in the Suzuki Cup games for nowhere in the world do one see internationals, who are way overage, still fighting for spots with youngsters in so called 'youth development team'.

If the worthless one has 'confidence' in LionsXII abilities to produce players', why sign established internationals.

Then down to the next point and Mr S Varapha Rajan, I can accept your point on the outflow of youngsters but not about not needing more clubs to have Centre of Excellence (COEs).

For those who do not know, the article in SPH Straits Times, unlike Yahoo, mentioned foreign experts telling FAS they need to work harder to encourage clubs to have COEs for Singapore football sake but our FAS man rebut that.

And that's where the problem lie!

FAS clearly believed they do not need others involved.

Before going on, let talked about FAS boast that their NFA is a matched for anyone youth development in the world earlier in the article.

If FAS truly believed so, why is Adam Swandi in France as we can save the $200k but of course, we know the answer is if he is in Singapore, he will never realized his potential.

So stop telling us how good NFA is when the only persons who believed are associated with FAS.

Therefore, without a capable youth development, we must catch every youngsters available.

Especially as even world-class youth development are unable to produce everybody they need.

Looked at Barcelona, considered to have best development for a club side, they still lacked players in several areas and have gone into the transfer market to buy players.

So stop dreaming it must be all your credits as nobody in the world have only one youth development to produce all the players their nation need.

Or maybe FAS is hoping the 3 remaining COEs (Balestier, Home and Warriors) can plug any shortfall.

It's unlikely as I mentioned before, there's no motivation as everything good is FAS credits while everything bad is clubs' faults.

Who want to work under such circumstances.

People need to be motivated and in this era and time, it is money which work the best as asked Prime Minister Lee for he noted in an interview with China media that in the current peaceful time, people need to be paid well or else nobody will come forward.

Clubs are only involved if the rewards are there, not punishment (Like 2004 Geylang experience and for those who do not know, Geylang went from runner-up to become bottom 3 material after FAS took 7 of their players in the name of national interest for the Courts Young Lions)

So Mr S Varapha Rajan, you have much to do especially as your boss, the worthless one, can justified spending $180k on a 30-year-old player for the Lions XII while closing down youth development all over the place at the same time. (This year, not only COEs were closed but also the Lions City Cup due to funding reason and it may be gone for good as FAS need cash for LionsXII)

Thus Mr P N Sivaji, how can one see a 'bright future'!

For people may be even more put off by a football career, not just with FAS closing down clubs as they liked, but also the fact the salary cap can stay stagnant for 7 years. (FAS tell us there's no extra money but when LionsXII need it, they can find it)

Inflation is wiping out all increases in the salary cap in Ho's era but FAS will only repeat the same story of how 'poor' they are.

As for the emerging players, they're going to the graveyard know as LionsXII; many youngsters have gone there only to sit on the bench with the team overstuffed with seniors.

Danny Wellbeck had left Manchester United as he needed games to improve himself and if a club like United cannot offered him that; when most seasons they played 50-60 games, what more LionsXII who play at most 30 plus games.

Is it any surprise a number of emerging players go there only to come out worse as they need the full games, and not the mere minutes, at their age but they will never get it.

So do not be surprised, Mr Sivaji for we are setting ourselves up to fail our next generation.

Especially as FAS men keep coming out to tell they're on the right path but we can't see it yet and only 'more time is needed'. (Like real as our worthless one can walk away in September so how much more time as he has had 7 years already)

Our future's not bright no matter how many positive stories FAS come out with SPH help.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Some may not considered Suzuki cup exit important

At this moment in time all the talk is on the Suzuki Cup exit by Singapore, which is not surprising, but I want to focus on something else.

For even if Singapore reach the semi-finals what direction are we heading - 'elitism' or S-league.

Until we answer that we will never progress much anyway.

Indeed, there may be some who interest will be furthest away from the Suzuki Cup and I am talking about the over-30s group; who were hurt by the FAS age ban - even with it rescinded now.

The problem have not been solved.

And FAS is once again reacting disappointingly as they had caused the problem but all they had done is just send letters to players telling them their options ahead.

This is bureaucracy talking.

Not good especially as they are headed by a former labour union head and even if it is the worthless one Zainudin Nordin.

Is this what Prime Minister Lee meant by  People's Action Party (PAP) taking care of it people.

For the worthless one was imposed on Singapore football for 'our own good' by the Ministry of culture, community and youth (MCCY).

Yet it was his decision that lead to the hazy future the players face now; no matter what Sunday Times reported. (For those who do not know they claimed that it was all the club chairmen faults and Balestier Khalsa S.Thavaneson has accepted all the blame)

The worthless one cannot wash his hands off it and this is not me looking for faults but if theBishan-Toa Poyah GRC man knew nothing of the plans, which was in place since October, what kind of leadership is this.

Worse as I noted earlier his man is a former labour union leader who PAP claimed to represent the average man on the ground. (Before GE 2011, Straits Times ran an article on this man and his 'hard work' at NTUC 'aiding' the average man)

However, he has avoided the average man like the plague now for since the incident, nearly a month ago, he hasn't met with the players for their side of the story.

Of course, it is no surprise as this is a man who always vanished in troubled times and the reaction of S-league CEO should have been reserved for him had he shown up.

So the worthless one is also the gutless one.

Indeed, he has shown he is never as 'busy' as claimed as he had time to spend with President Tony Tan and high-five with Minister at the Myanmar game.

Is spending time with the elites more important than the players!

The Prime Minister can speak of how much PAP Work for the people but man like the worthless one show otherwise and this is why PAP are considered to represent the elites now.

Or else that age ban decision will have never come-to-be as it is the average man who pay the price for the elites decision.

And that is why some may not considered Suzuki cup exit important as they themselves have been abandoned.