Monday, December 27, 2010

Home games should be played at home

Tampines Rovers chairman have remarked that home games in the S-league should be played at the real home of the club.

This is especially so now with FAS wanting to build up the link with the community of the club where the team is based.

He find it ridiculous for last season up to one third of the Stags home matches had to be staged at Jalan Besar.

I have to agree with the Stags chairman as I had never agreed with the plan to bring matches to Jalan Besar back in 2006 for the sake of television viewership and the talk it will preserve the pitch of the club at their home ground.

The plan have gone too far from where it was which was one match a month to now - with champions Etoile FC surely the 'second home side' of Jalan Besar.

And one do not see the benefit as the pitch of the stadiums are still badly maintained seeing how Choa Chu Kang had to close for months last season because the pitch was 'dieing' while Yishun was a mud field and let not go into every stadium pitch state as it will take forever.
At the same time, it does not helped to build up any link with the community for one thing I read over the week is a good point as West Coast GRC MPs remarked they have to host events at their own ward for it is crazy for residents of Jurong West to travel to Clementi.

The Jurong West residents just do not feel the links and it is just as crazy to ask Stags or any other club fans to travel to Jalan Besar when they have their own real home stadium.

FAS, if they are serious about building community linkup, should asked who is more important.

The viewership or the fans they claimed they want to attract.

S-league 100-goal scorer List

Here are the list of players who got 100 domestic goals in S-league history up to January 1, 2011

Year - Club - Goals / Games

1) Aleksandar Duric
1999 - TPUFC - 11 / 22
2000 - Home United - 11 / 16
2001-2004 - Geylang United - 113 / 145
2005-2009 - SAFFC - 150 / 174
2010 - Tampines Rovers - 24 / 39

Total: 309 / 396

2) Mirko Grabovac (Retired)
1999-2003 - SAFFC - 152 / 160
2004-2007 - Tampines Rovers - 92 / 121

Total: 244 / 281

3) Egmar Goncalves (Retired) *
1996-2006 - Home United - 238 / ?

Total: 238 / ?

4) Indra Shadan *
1997-2000 - Geylang United - 44 / ?
2001-2008 - Home United - 136 / 219
2009 - Sengkang Punggol - 9 / 27
2010 - SAFFC - 10 / 23

Total: 199 / ?

5) Peres De Oliveira
2001-2005 & 2008-2010 - Home United - 114 / 223
2006-2007 - Tampines Rovers - 31 / 70

Total: 160 / 293

6) Noh Alam Shah *
1998-1999 & 2001-2002 - Sembawang Rangers - 37 / ?
2000-2001 - SAFFC - 1 / ?
2003-2009 - Tampines Rovers - 117 / 175

Total: 155 / ?

7) Agu Casmir
2002-2003 & 2006 - Woodlands Wellington - 59 / 97
2004-2005 - Young Lions - 31 / 35
2007-2010 - Gombak United - 38 / 89

Total: 128 / 221

8) Park Tae Won (Retired)
2001-2003 - Jurong FC - 44 / 102
2004 - Balestier Khalsa - 10 / 28
2005-2008 - Woodlands Wellington - 50 / 133
2009-2010 - SAFFC - 18 / 56

Total: 122 / 319

9) Kengne Ludovick
2005-2006 - Balestier Khalsa - 44 / 60
2007-2009 - Home United - 61 / 112

Total: 105 / 172 

10) Noor Ali *
1997-1999 - Tampines Rovers - 22 / ?
2000-2002 & 2004 & 2008-2009 - Geylang United - 63 / 202
2005-2007 - SAFFC - 25 / 96
2010 - Woodlands Wellington - 3 / 36

Total: 113 / ?

* Incomplete as missing data from FA Cup period from 1996-1998

Transfer - December

Transfer - November

Masrezwan Masturi signed on with the Eagles

Despite rumors linking Masrezwan Masturi to ISL, the Singaporean forward have signed on with Geylang United for 2011.

The 29-year-old have had an injury-plagued three years with the Eagles but still managed to be the top scorer of the club in two of them.

Only last season saw Peter Tomko got that honour but at least it was compensated, or not, by the fact he is finally recalled back to the Lions by Raddy.

He is considered one of the best technical player among his generation but his decision making plus a lacked of finishing in front of goal meant he was always overlooked.

The Eagles will be hoping he will get back the form of 08 and 09 as the Bedok club have retained the core members of the team like keeper Yazid Yasin, defenders Sevki Sha'ban and Jonathan Xu as well as midfielders Syed Fadhil, Syed Thaha, Shah Hirul, Yasir Hanapi and Hafiz Rahim.

Aliff likely to miss early part of the season

Former Stags skipper Aliff Shaffein looked set to miss the early part of the S-league season as his jail sentence may be extended as he is unable to pay his fines.

With his club unwilling to bear the cost of his fine, although chairman Teo Hock Seng has agreed to pay Aliff legal fess, the 28-year-old have no way of paying the five-figure sum.

Therefore, he will have to serve another 53 days in jail and that mean he has no chance of making the S-league before March the earliest.

Chairman Teo Hock Seng also defended the U-turn on Aliff expulsion as he wanted to give his former captain one last chance.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

TNP blooper on Aliff (Or should I say Noor Ali)

TNP have make a major blooper as they put the photo of Noor Ali (And on front page somemore) in place of Aliff Shaffein.

I am not surprise as despite recent efforts by the paper (after all these years where I see them only when the Lions are winning) I am still not convinced if the paper had the reporters to report on local football or even local sports in general.

This is not an attack on the paper but after all those years and an incident back in 04, when I saw how even a, former, senior reporter of SPH do not even recognised Ismail Fitrey - the top scorer of Sembawang Rangers and Tampines Rovers - I wonder at times if they are the blind leading the blind.

After all, there will be people who will say they do not know who Ismail Fitrey is and that is why the paper is there for.

The English Premier League have so many 'coaches' thanks to the many reports and views on them and some can even named the top reporters/writers as they possessed good knowledge on even the secondary issues.

Yet the top reporters for our local papers (As I mentioned before) can only be named for their Singaporepools predication and the fact today we see SPH papers like Straits Times and TNP virtually 'outsourcing' their commentary/editorial writeup to overseas writers like Rob Hughes etc have left one wondering where the local reporters/writers are.

For extensive coverage of local sports, we do need reporters/writers on the ground for the commentary/editorial writeup and no matter how good Rob Hughes is, he cannot cover local sports on his commentary/editorial writeup as he does not know who Aliff or Noor is.

Aliff sentenced to jail

Aliff Shafaein was sent to jail after pleading guilty to charges of drink driving and driving without a licence.

The former Tampines Rovers captain was driving along Lentor Avenue without due care and collided with another car on the morning of November 14.

Both vehicles were extensively damaged and the driver of the other car suffered bodily abrasions and cuts.

A traffic police officer conducted a breathalyser test on Aliff after noticing that he reeked of alcohol.

Aliff failed the breathalyser test and was placed under arrest for drink driving.

Further investigations also revealed that Aliff drove the car despite not having a driver's license.

He also drove the car without the permission of the owner and did not have valid insurance coverage.

For his offences, he was sentenced to three weeks' jail, fined S$6,100 and disqualified from holding or obtaining driving licences from all classes for 18 months after his release.

Aliff was also fined S$4,400 and disqualified holding or obtaining driving licences from all classes for 12 months, for driving an off-peak car during restricted hours on 13 July 2007 without a supplementary license.

He was also found to be driving without a driving license and insurance coverage on that day.

Stags give Aliff another chance

Tampines Rovers has reportedly given Aliff Shaffein another, and likely his final, chance.

Surprise. Yes and no.

After all, who will dare employ the 28-year-old with the trouble he is in now thus the Stags are his only life jacket and let hope Aliff appreciate it this time round as this is not his first brush with the law.

His other offences include driving an off-peak car without a supplementary licence and without a valid driving licence and insurance coverage in July 2007. A month later, he was nabbed parking illegally and driving without a licence again.

The former Tampines Rovers captain was charged this time round after he was caught driving along Lentor Avenue without due care and collided with another car on the morning of November 14.

Both vehicles were extensively damaged and the driver of the other car suffered bodily abrasions and cuts.

A traffic police officer conducted a breathalyser test on Aliff after noticing that he reeked of alcohol.

Aliff failed the breathalyser test and was placed under arrest for drink driving.

Further investigations also revealed that Aliff drove the car despite not having a driver's license.

He also drove the car without the permission of the owner and did not have valid insurance coverage.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Home United aiming for Cubs

Home United is reportedly aiming to secure the services of Young Lions midfielder Hariss Harun and fellow defender Safuwan Baharudin.

While it is difficult to see the Cubs willingness to release the two most talented players in their side to the Protectors, one wonder if staying at Young Lions will be beneficial.

Both need to be challenged to be competitive at their age and yet, it is unlikely they get it at Jalan Besar for they are the best among their peers. Also with a championship side, they can be homed with a winning mentality as with the Cubs, a result against the Big 3 sides is considered a big thing but it is not good enough at Bishan. 

However, the flip side is whether they can get into the starting eleven in a side like the Protectors regularly and if the Bishan side had Asian football, I will say it is worth it.

So what is FAS decision, we await.

Cubs change their coach

The Young Lions is set to change their coach for the upcoming season.

V Sundramoorthy have been told he will not be the Cubs coach for 2011 and it is rumored FAS Technical Director Slobodan Pavkovic will be taking over with Robin as his assistant.

I am split on this for with Slobodan Pavkovic in charge, I am sure the Cubs will be playing the 4-2-3-1 system we intend to implement (and I support this system for anybody who read before, I advocate the end of 4-4-2 years ago)

Also, we may play more attacking football as with no disrespect to Sundram but anybody who seem him coach from the time when he was with Jurong FC, he is more renown for building defensive side and never an attacking one.

So if Singapore were to take the next step in international football, our club sides have to train players who can attack but it cannot happen if every teams played 'physically' like I mention before.

Yet at the same time, I do not wish to see the Serbian taking his mind off his role as Technical Director with him currently implementing changes in coaching our youths not only in FAS but at the grassroots level as well.

It is far too important to have him wandering his mind elsewhere.

After all, we could have a system years ago if Jan Poulsen did not have to juggle with that many roles and we were affected by not how he did as Technical Director - with the disappointment of his time with the National Team meaning he could not stay.
If the Cubs do not do well, will Slobodan Pavkovic then see his position undermined and is it worth it?

I hope it will not come to such an outcome.

Bulls retain their Koreans

Gombak United have retained their two Koreans - Park Kang Jun and Chang Jo Yoon.

This signal to me that the Bulls are downsizing as they already lost their top two scorers - Agu Casmir and Fazrul Nawaz - and retaining the two Koreans will not help in anyway.

Chang cannot score to save his life while Park is a one-trick midfielder cum forward so both do not add anything in the Bulls attack and one wonder where they will get their goals now.

And it does not help progress on their defence and midfield appear to be stagnate as well with Tengku Mushadad joining from Home United but is acknowledged as a hard worker if nothing else.

It looked like the Bulls are heading for an average season ahead.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Super Home

Home United is building a super side for 2010 as the Protectors are reportedly on the verge of signing the 2002 K-league MVP Kim Dae-Eui.

The 36-year-old had won a K-league title with Suwon Bluewings; the previous club of Home United coach Paul Lee and it is this connection that lead many to believe the Protectors have a good chance of signing the Korean.

The Korean ex-international have load of experience having played over 200 games in the K-league with Seongnam and Suwon as well as a season in J-league with JEF.

If he sign on, the Protectors front line looked to be strongest in the S-league as they also have Mendy and Qiu and the midfield supporting them is no slouch with internationals like Shi Jia Yi and Isa Halim. At the back, Lionel Lewis, one of the best pair of hand in ASEAN, is still there and protecting him could be the best defence pairing of 2010 with ex-Cameroon international Valery Hiek and one-time Warriors Kenji Arai teaming up together.

While the Protectors have no chance of showcasing that team to Asia this year, few will bet against them not playing in Asia next year with that squad.

Shariff Abdul Samat is a Cheetah

Shariff Abdul Samat have found a new club after he was 'exiled' by Home United coach Paul Lee.

Hougang United have signed the former Stallions, Cubs, Stags and Protectors defender.

This represent, surely, the last saloon for the defender as he seek to rebuild his football career that have fallen to new lows.

Other than having virtually no chance to play for Singapore, he is finding it equally difficult to attract any offers so that is why Hougang United, hardly among the richest in the land, can snap him up now.

If he do well, it can be a new start but if he continue his form, and temper, of the last two years then he will be remember as just another who fail.

Bennett is staying

SAFFC have announced Singapore international Daniel Bennett is staying for the upcoming season.

The 32-year-old have been linked with a move oversea to Thailand but it seem the Warriors have fought off all competition to re-sign the defender.

It will boast the Warriors championship hopes as Daniel Bennett have shown in the recent Suzuki Cup he is currently the best Singapore defender there is and few in the region can come close to him.

The Warriors have also signed Bah Mamadou from Gombak United as the Choa Chu Kang club seek to build up depth in strength.

5 players fined

Five footballers were fined for staying up late during their botched AFF Suzuki Cup campaign in Hanoi.

Team manager Eugene Loo confirmed that the five were caught playing card games in a player's hotel room at about 1am on Dec 6 - hours after the light out orders were issued.

The team had just beaten Myanmar 2-1 but there was an important match-up against Vietnam in another 48 hours.

All five footballers, not named, pay up their fines of S$500.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Zainudin ready to abandon S-league II

One thing about our current FAS president, he is make to be a politician as his current interview with TODAY is aiming to please all but like the USA president and ROC president, I expect him to end up pleasing nobody.

He can talk about giving him up to 2013 to judge his work on the S-league but may I remind him he had two season already and the fact, he admit he had no plan until the very next season lead me to ask, where were you the last two seasons!

And I am being generous as FAS president successor are usually nominated months before they are appointed so Zainudin knew he was going to be President as early as the end of 2008.

Also, was S-league not part of the Strategic Plan announced so why do you need to tell us you have a new plan.

What happen or is the truth you had no plans for S-league in the first place as quite frankly I noticed you tend to talk about ASEAN Super League and the Malaysia Cup more often.

That why I can only dub my view on your interview as Zainudin ready to abandon S-league Part II.

Because I found nothing in there to change that view.

You sugarcoat the issue by telling us sending a representative to the Malaysia Cup will increase revenue for all but without any figures quoted by you to back that up

That why I can only looked at the semi-pro years when Singapore was in the Malaysia League.

The figures I got is not the revenue but the more important profit and loss and I will explain why as people who read the article - Having longer term for FAS president make more sense - will know I quoted the blog Swiss rant and this blog will tell you revenue without profit is like the Warren Buffet saying which is cash holding (Amount of cash a company hold) is more important than the Balance Sheet.

After all, if revenue was the all-important one then Barcelona will never have to accept a shirt deal from Qatar Foundation as they are already among the world top two in term of that but it is the profit and loss that decided their fate.

With them suffering losses even in their record year of revenue, they have been piling up the debts so revenue without a profit is not worth the paper it is written on.

So onwards to those figures which I will show with more information in addition to Part I is that we suffer $3.2 million in losses with $850k profit. Deducting out everything, that mean a loss of $2.35 million so may I ask you whether it will fund us or we end up like the semi-pro years when we are the ones funding it.

We know who pay for it with the Singapore Premier League on the verge of folding thank to that while our youth programme were axed to the point of extinction.

Just to illustrate it, the losses would have funded the Goh Chok Tong Scheme until today and no doubt FAS will tell us the cancellation of the Scheme was in no way connected to the $1.5 million we lost that year.

It was just a concidence (I guess is your answer) but I guess life is full of that as earlier, once SPL member Tyrwhitt Societties collapse came when you withdrew the SPL fundings must be just another case of concidence with FAS having lost $1.2 million.

So while you are talking about revenue, you may also want to share how you intend to absorb the losses as no business in the world can claim they have never make a loss and with football record, I will say it is even more common.

Do you intend to be like then FAS general-secretary John Koh and pulled out the funding for S-league or have the clubs agreed they will share FAS losses from their seed money while FAS get to keep the revenue.

After answering the question above , let go to the next one where you further sugarcoat any issues by promising you will never allow the Singapore National Team to represent it but what is a promise worth.

FAS, when it started the Young Lions back in 03, promised the Cubs will only select players from the Prime League so as to give those U23 with potential a head start but less than a year later, the U23 logo was taken out and players above U23 and from the S-league squad could be selected.

But do not worry, you are not the only one who head an organisation who cannot keep promises as we see already from FIFA World Cup voting but the English should have nothing to complain about as history will tell us the FA are hardly an organisation that kept their words as they had promised Germany that they will support their World Cup (in 2006) bid if they support England for Euro 96.

The German kept their but the English broke their as they compete with Germany for World Cup 06 so it is clear few care about promises.

You can promise you will not send the National Team and will continue to support S-league but once there, the track record will tell me never to trust a person on his words alone especially you, Zainudin, a person who is make to be a politician.

Especially as you have promised too much.
  • Implment FAS Strategic Plan in 15 years
  • ASEAN Super League by 2014
  • Club World Cup when Sport hub is completed
  • Malaysia Cup by X year
  • Never send Singapore National Team to Malaysia Cup
  • Focus more on Youth development
  • Stronger S-league by end of reign
  • Promotion and relegation system by end of year (Already broke this promise)
  • S-league getting an ACL group place (Another broken promise) 
Let first see if your organistion can even keep the promise to have a decision by year end on the 12th S-league team.

It is only two weeks away and if you cannot keep such a simple one, it will further show people why your reign should end as soon as possible.

AFC Cup draw - Tampines Rovers

Group G

ACL Play-off 1 (East), Tampines Rovers (SIN), Victory (MDV), Hanoi T&T (VIE),

Protectors get Mendy and Qiu

Home United have cement their title ambition with the capture of duo of Frederic Mendy and Qiu Li.

This has not only strengthen their attacking option as Mendy and Qiu combined for a total of 36 goals last season but weaken their rivals as well with champions Etoile FC losing their top scorer while the Stags will lose their second top-scorer.

It could also proved a formidable pairing as Qiu Li could have been in contention for both the top Scorer and Player of the Year if he had finished this season instead only getting injuried midway through it for that was why the Stags were in contention until then.

As for Frederic Mendy, we all knew what he did as he notched 21 goals including the all-important equaliser and then the winner against Albirex Niigata (S) in the final game of the season to give Etoile FC the championship.

Few teams will be able to stop the pairing on their day.

SAFFC to recruit Croatian forward

According to media reports, SAFFC have finalized their foreigners for the upcoming season.

After being linked with Daniel Hammond, 25, and Luka Savic, 19 - from Balestier Khalsa and Young Lions respectively - the Warriors have now announced the duo have signed for them.

Croatian midfielder Ivan Jerkovic, 31, and Japanese Taisuke Akiyoshi, 21, who will be promoted to the S-League squad next season have been retained.

With Luka Savic set to be register for the Prime League squad, the Warriors can still signed one more foriegner and they are aiming for a Croatian forward.

It has been revealed he will be from the Croatian first Division so he could be of certain standard and the Warriors will certianly hoped he can adapt better than last season Uruguayan forward Federico Martinez.

Noor Ali join Hougang

Newly branded Hougang United have signed Noor Ali for the upcoming season as the Hougang side looked for a better 2011.

He is the most famous of all the Hougang recruits but the club have still bought well with Bulls Fazli Jaffar,  Stags Fathi Yunus and Tigers Syaqir Sulaiman all joining as well.

Therefore, he will not be a man among boys like at Woodlands Wellington and can expect a decent season ahead.

'New' Rams butchered their squad for upcoming season

Woodlands Wellington, who have undergone a change in management and coach, have butchered their squad as they released virtually everybody in their squad for the upcoming season.

From reports, their 4 foreigners which included top scorer Abdelhadi Laakkad as well as their skipper Noor Ali, whose experience and abilites could do a whole lot of good in an inexperienced team like Rams, have not been spared and all have been released.

Indeed, only the youngsters like Nardi Asani and Navin Nigel Vanu, who have touted as potential star players for the Rams, have been retained and promoted to the S-league squad.

Kenji Arai join Protectors

Home United has managed another coup as they captured Hougang United defender Kenji Arai.

After leaking 31 goals last term - the worst among the title contenders - the Protectors, who are desperate to close that defensive problem, have pinpoint the Japanese defender as their solution.

He will be pair up with Cameroonian defender Valery Hiek in the centre and it could proved a formidable pairing for any side.

As no championship sides are build with a leaky defence, Home United supporters can now believed 2011 may be their year.

Winson Song take over Woodlands Wellington

Former Sengkang Punggol vice-chairman Winson Song have taken over Woodlands Wellington.

He is now the chairman of Woodlands Wellington.

While TODAY seek to paint a cloud over this takeover as it had reportedly involved Sengkang Punggol chairman Bill Ng as he was in the meeting that saw Winson Song announced as chairman.

The paper believed this was inapportiate as during the meeting the Rams financial health was disclosed and according to S-league regulations, such a meeting can only involved the managment of the Rams and no outsider is allowed.

However, FAS has comeout to defend this takeover as following the rules and regulations of the S-league that governed S-league clubs.

Therefore, the takeover of Woodlands Wellington by Winson Song stand.

Rams and Tigers change their head coaches

Both Woodlands Wellington and Balestier Khalsa have change their respective head coaches in the pre-season.

For the Rams, it was a result of their change in management with former Sengkang Punggol vice-chairman Winson Song now in charge of the club having taken over as chairman.

A.Shahi Kumar was then deemed by the new managment that he was not the person to take the Rams forward so he has been replaced by former Etoile FC manager R.Balasubramaniam.

As for the Tigers, the club announced they and the head coach, Nasaruddin Jalil, decided it was in the best interest of both if he went back to coaching the Prime League side.

Nasaruddin Jalil was quoted he believed his best role is coaching the youth and he hoped to coninue developing players for the club.

Assistant Salim Molin have been named as his replacement

Eagles released Peter Tomko

In past seasons, if one was the top scorer of his club there was a good chance he will stay with his club for the next one but this pre-season, Champions Etoile FC, Woodlands Wellington, SAFFC and Balestier Khalsa have all released their top scorer and Geylang United is following suit.

Despite proving his goal-notching abilities in the S-league and Asia, Peter Tomko have been released by the Bedok club.

It seem even a scoring a third of the club goals in the league was not enough and hopefully it mean the Bedok club have somebody lined up who can replace him.

Or else, it could be a wretched time in front of goals for the Eagles team as well as their supporters.

Fellow Slovak Rastislav Belicak have also depart the club.

Fazrul get his wish and become a Warriors

Gombak United winger and forward Fazrul Nawaz has joined the Warriors for the upcoming S-league season.

The 25-year-old has endured a terrible season with the Bulls where he not only found it hard to find the net but also played quite badly for much of the season when he was on the field.

Therefore, he was looking for a fresh start and he believed he will get it with the Warriors with whom he is a supporter of.

'I supported SAFFC as a boy and was actually a youth player with the club, so it's almost like coming home,' said the Singapore international.

His affection for the club was the main reason that pushed him to sign for the Warriors, despite offers from two other S-League clubs, as well as two offers from Indonesia.

'Of course the money is better in Indonesia, but I've got to think about my family here first,' said Fazrul, who declined to reveal the clubs.

'SAFFC are one of the top teams in the S-League and they have a team that can challenge for the title.

'I am really looking forward to playing for them next season.'

Ahmad Latiff is a Stags

Ahmad Latiff has joined Tampines Rovers on a two-year contract as the Eastern giant looked for a player who can play in the role behind Aleksandar Duric, like Noor Ali once did famously with.

They believed this will bring out the best from Duric in his last season as the Noor-Duric combination won a number of trophies in their time.

Whether Ahmad Latiff can click as effectively will of course be answer next season but Duric has no doubt that Ahmad Latiff can do it.

The Stags have also announced this will be the last transfer activity of their pre-season as they believed they have the players they need with them re-signing their 4 foreigners- Akihiro Nakamura, Park Yo Seb, Benoit Croissant and Seiji Kaneko - as well as promoting Ahmed Fahmie and Taufiq Rahmat from the Prime league.

Sengkang Punggol is now Hougang United and will be debt-free soon

Sengkang Punggol have been rebranded as Hougang United as club chairman Bill Ng believed this will bring the club closer to the community.

The home stadium of the club is Hougang Stadium.

The new mascot of the team will be Cheetah

The chairman has also announced he expect the club to be debt-free by the end of next season and after that, the club can then finally move forward.

Hougang United has been in debt for a long time even before Bill Ng took over so credit has to go to him.

However, the tough part is set to come after this news have been announced.

Their supporters will, sooner or later, start to question when the club will start to spend some money (as they are debt-free) and move up the table as the club have been grounded in the bottom three since the merger of Sengkang Marine and Paya Lebar Punggol back in 2007.

Still, Bill Ng should have expected this before announcing this news so he may have plans.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

SC: Singapore knocked out by co-host Vietnam

Singapore fell to Vietnam 1-0 and with that it saw the 3-time champions crashed out of the Suzuki Cup at the group stage.

The winner came from V. Nguyen as the team was caught out from a fast break from a Singapore corner.

It was disappointing as that should not be the case as the corner was Singapore and this was the combined result of yet another wasted chance (for it was our corner and we did not take advantage of it) as well as poor defending for the team should not have so shorthanded at the back.

Suzuki Cup Group Stage 
Singapore 0-1 Vietnam

SINGAPORE: Hassan Sunny, Baihakki Khaizan, Emuejeraye Precious, Noh Alam Shah, Aleksandr Duric, Agu Casimir, Mustafic Fahrudin, Shahril Ishak, Jumaat Jantan, Rosman Sulaiman, Safuwan Baharudin (Khairul Amri 46th, Ridhuan Muhammad 77th).

Philippines reach semi-final

Philippines has reach the semi-final of the Suzuki Cup for the first time in their history.

In other previous edition, Philippines has never got out of the group stage and until this year they have only ever managed 1 win in the Finals edition.

They achieved this by drawing with both Singapore and Myanmar while beating co-host Vietnam 1-0.

Pos Teams        Pts GD
1     Vietnam      6     5
2     Philppines   5     2
3     Singapore   4     0
4     Myanmar    1    -7

Co-host knocked out Thai

3-time champions Thailand were knokced of the Suzuki Cup after they went 1-2 to co-host Indonesia.

Despite taking the lead through S. Sukha  , the Thai were pinned back by two late spot-kick from B. Pamungkas to go down 1-2.

This mean, under the reign of Bryan Robson, the Thai has only won 1 of their last 7 competitive matches and he has become the first ever coach to see the Thai knocked out without a single win in any edition of the South East Asia Premier competition.

It was Malaysia who benefit from that as they thrashed Laos 5-1 with goals from M. Amri (2), M. Amirulhadi, N. Idlan and M. Bin Jasuli.

Laos reply came from L. Singto.

Pos Teams      Pts GD
1     Indonesia  6   11
2     Malaysia   4    0
3     Thailand    2   -1
4     Laos         1   -11

Monday, December 6, 2010

SC: The Agu show as Lions down Myanmar

It was the Agu Casmir show as he lead the Lions to a 2-1 win against Myanmar by setting up one goal and scoring the winner.

And that only took into account the fact he was only given one half to do that as he came on in the second half with Singapore down 0-1 due to a Khin Maung Lwin goal.

Immediately Agu strucked a chord with strike partner Aleksandar Duric and the Lions started creating problems for the Myanmar backline, which Singapore failed so miserably in the first period.

Myanmar was pushed back and the Lions got their reward as Duric found the equalizer after being set up by Agu; who control a cross by Shahril Ishak to go to the byline and and pass to an open Duric.

Roar on by that goal, the Lions control the game even more closely from that point and created many chances.

But somehow, the ball will not go in until injury-time when Duric return the favour to Agu by beating the offside trap and then getting out of the way, to a better-positioned Agu, so his strike partner can shot at goal.

That is what Agu did and the Lions got their deserved winner.

With such a performace, he has surely secured his spot, ahead of fellow forward Noh Alam Shah, to start against co-host Vietnam.

Vietnam will need a win to secure their spot in the last four and therefore will be coming at Singapore from the word go.

In such a case, the Singapore forward line will must have the abilities to hold up the ball upfront to ease up the pressure as well as set up any attack.

And it is no secert, Noh Alam Shah weakness is his (lacked of) technique abilities so that is why giving him the ball to his feet or in the air will likely result in giving Vietnam back the ball.

That is why Alam Shah tend to flourish in a two-man forward line and the Lions seldom played a 4-5-1 when the Armea Malang forward is playing.

It is not the time to take unnecessary risk with semi-final stake up for grab and the Agu and Duric forward line looking more promising.

Suzuki Cup Group Stage
Singapore 2-1 Myanmar

Scorer: Aleksandar Duric, Agu Casmir

SINGAPORE: Hassan Sunny, Ridhuan Muhamad (Mohd Khairul Amri Kamal 46th), Baihakki Khaizan, Isa Halim (Shahdan Sulaiman 62nd), Noh Rahman, Emuejeraye Precious, Noh Alam Shah (Agu Casimir 46th), Aleksandar Duric, Mustafic Fahrudin, Shahril Ishak, Jumaat Jantan.

Philippines down Vietnam to lead group

Once again, the minmows (or should we call them the up and coming boys) are showing the result the Lions got against them were more than impressive.

Philippines destroy co-host Vietnam 2-0 at Hanoi to lead the group.

The goals came from Chris Greatwich and Phil Younghusband.

Yet this was a side that the Lions totally outplayed in 90 minutes of football and could have been up by more than 5 goals at half-time if all the chances were taken.

So the Lions have done well in the competition without being at full gear but it will all count for nothing if we do not earn minnium a point on Wednesday against co-host Vietnam.

Therefore the Lions still have a job to do

Pos Teams        Pts GD
1     Philippines   4    2
2     Singapore    4    1
3     Vietnam       3    4
4     Myanmar     0   -7

Yet again, it is the Hosts

Co-host Indonesia won 6-0 against Laos to keep the host perfect record at the Suzuki Cup group stage.

Combined with Vietnam, the co-host have won all their 3 matches and only they have won with all the matches drawn.

The goals came from F. Utina', M. Ridwan, F. Utina, Irfan Bachdim, A. Suyono and. Maniani. 

In the other match in the group, Bryan Robson could be looking at the end of his era as the Thai coach with the Thai failing to win again in the Suzuki Cup.

They could only draw 0-0 with Malaysia and that could mean the Thai failed to reach the Suzuki Cup semi-final as they have a tougher task of facing co-host Indonesia in their last game.

It also mean, combined with the Asian Cup Qualifers, the Thai have only won once in their last 8 competitive matches and have only scored 5 goals.

It is a record the FAT will not be looking at with any envious.

Pos Teams      Pts GD
1     Indonesia  6    10
2     Thailand    2     0
3     Malaysia   1    -4
4     Laos         1    -6

Friday, December 3, 2010

Host win again

It seem the 2010 edition of the Suzuki Cup could see Home advantage being an important advantage as once again it is the host that won.

Vietnam destroyed Myanamr 7-1 with goal from A. Nguyen (2)',M. Nguyen, T. Le, T. Nguyen (2) and V. Nguyen. 

K. Aung scored the consolation goal for Myanmar.

But no fear as once in the semi-final, it will not matter as much as it will be a home and away format so Singapore should be looking to snatch second spot from Myanmar and Philippines to get there.


Home United not playing in the AFC Cup

Home United will not be playing in the AFC Cup after AFC released the names of the teams to play in the competition.

Tampines Rovers will be only team to represent Singapore in Asia next year.

Home United club general manager S. Mahalingam thus expressed surprise at being denied the opportunity to maintain that position in an interview with S-league website.

“This is news to me, it is the first time I’m hearing it,” he said.

“But definitely, if it is true, we definitely will be disappointed. Myself, my head coach (Lee Lim Saeng) – in fact all of us were looking forward to our participation in the competition.

“I don’t know why we are not able to take part, but I’m sure the FAS will officially notify us in the next few days. Anyway, we have to get over it and continue with next year, where we will try to qualify for the following year’s AFC Cup.”

Tampines team manager Syed Faruk was meanwhile relieved to be told his club would be returning to the AFC Cup after a three-year absence, having reached the quarterfinals for three consecutive seasons between 2005 and 2007.

The Stags were one of four clubs to receive invitations to participate in the AFC Cup despite garnering no silverware, the other three to receive the honour being Liga Indonesia side Persipura Jayapura, Iraqi outfit Arbil and Nasaf Qarshi of Uzbekistan.

“It’s good to be back, although it is now a tougher competition,” said the 43-year-old.

“If you want to enter this competition, you can’t pick and choose who you want. All we can do is hope for a good draw for the group stage, and if we progress into the Round of 16, we’ll see from there.

“As for Home not being invited, the AFC are the ones who have done the awarding of places. What can we do? There is nothing much we can think about there.”

AFC Cup 2011 teams















23 V.B.


26 TBC


Thursday, December 2, 2010

SC: Singapore pay for wasteful finishing

Singapore pay the price for their finishing as they drew 1-1 with Philippines.

Before half-time, Singapore should have been up by at least 4 goals if Noh Alam Shah had taken all the chances that fell to him but it was not to be. 

Midfielder Shahdan Sulaiman also wasted the first period final chance as he blasted over the bar when the Filipino defence fail to defend a cross.

After the break, Singapore went for the opener more intensely but once again, it saw more poor finishing.

It took until the hour mark before the opener finally came when a cross from Noh Alam Shah was headed in by Aleksandar Duric.

After that, Singapore had more chances to score the second but could not take it and then as the game progress, the national team unfortunately became more negative and started to pull back their punches.

They pay for it when a cross from the right was blasted into the net by Philippines Chris Greatwich.

Singapore will now have to win against Myanmar in two days time. 

Suzuki Cup Group Stage

Scorer: Aleksandar Duric

Singapore: Hassan Sunny (GK), Noh Rahman, Baihakki Khaizan, Daniel Bennett, Juma’at Jantan, Fahrudin Mustafic (Isa Halim), Shahdan Sulaiman, Shahril Ishak, Fazrul Nawaz (Ridhuan Muhamad), Noh Alam Shah (Khariul Amri), Aleksandar Duric

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Laos hold Thai to a draw as Indonesia destroyed Malaysia

First of all, I must apologised to Laos as I wrote they were too weak an opponent.

They are clearly not so as Thailand pay the price for underestimating them as the Thai had to rely on a  brace from Sarayoot Chaikamdee with the second coming in injury time to draw level with Laos.

Up until that point, Laos were leading 2-1 thanks to goals from Konekham Inthammavong and Kanlaya Sysomvang.

As for host Indonesia, they have no such troubles as they crushed Malaysia 5-1 with goals from Christian Gonzales, Muhammad Ridwan, Arif Suyono and Irfan Bachdim.

Indonesia opener was an own goal while Malaysia reply came from Norshahrul Idlan.

The Final 22

Lionel Lewis
Hassan Sunny
Izwan Mahbud

Juma'at Jantan
Rosman Sulaiman
Baihakki Khaizan
Precious Emuejeraye
Daniel Bennett
Afiq Yunos
Safuwan Baharudin
Noh Rahman

Ridhuan Muhamad
Isa Halim
Mustafic Fahrudin
Shahril Ishak
Shahdan Sulaiman
Noh Alam Shah
Masrezwan Masturi
Fazrul Nawaz
Khairul Amri
Agu Casmir
Aleksandar Duric

Ahmad Latiff could be leaving SAFFC

Rumors are circuiting SAFFC midfielder Ahmad Latiff could depart the club during the transfer window.

The 32-year-old is believed to have been released by the Choa Chu Kang club as they seek to rebuild for the 2011 season.

While he could not be said to have underperform for the 2010 season, he has not sparked for the club either and at times, he has struggled to impose himself in matches.

It looked like father time has caught up with Ahmad Latiff; just like Indra, who had struggled at times in 2010, and it is ironically as they were teammates of the U16 Lions City Cup back in 1995.

Home target Qiu Li

Home United is targeting Tampines Rovers and Singapore forward Qiu Li according to a S-league website report.

The 29-year-old had reportedly impressed Home head coach Lee during the course of the 2010 season where the Stags forward single-handedly lead the frontline and the club title charge.

And up until the moment he was injured, Qiu was also in the race for the top scorer award with 15 goals in 19 appearances.

Qiu have been with Tampines Rovers since 2008 where ironically he moved from Home United.

Patrick Vallee resign

Etoile FC coach Patrick Vallee has announced he has resigned from his position 

He is reportedly unhappy the team he had build up this season is being dismantled.

He had earlier express his wishes to build on this season success but it looked impossible now so he is disappointed and do not wished to stay at the Queentown club anymore.