Thursday, September 30, 2010

S-league Preview

Last Preview - Got no right & 2 wrong

Young Lions vs Sengkang Punggol
The Cubs are a weaken side but will it matter as we cannot class Sengkang Punggol as a brillant side that will take advanatge of this. After all, the Hougang side is also known to be goal-shy themselves and without goals, a team cannot win. But the Cubs, who is 1 of the few team to average more than a goal a game, is unlikely to offer much themselves as their topscorer is out until mid-term next season. That is why the safe option is go for a draw. 1-1 draw.

SAFFC vs Albirex Niigata (S)
The Warriors had hit a purple patch before their 'enforced' long rest (they have not played in a month). Will it affect them? I hope not as they are a much better side than the White Swans and should have no problem winning this encounter if they play to their potential. This is what I expect will happen as the Warriors start to tighten their grip on 4th place. 3-0 to SAFFC

Woodlands Wellington vs Gombak United
I have little faith in the Bulls as they could not even defeat a weaken Beijing side and it tell me they cannot be trusted until Agu Casmir return and they rid themselves of the Koreans. Their Koreans are just not good enough and the Bulls are suffering as a result of that. Talk of bad pitches cannot hide the fact their performances are more disappointing than exciting. 1-1 draw

SAFFC vs Young Lions
It should be the Warriors again; even if it is their second match in 3 days as the Young Lions are in no better shape. There is a marathon of matches for the Cubs and their squad will be tested to the limit. It is 5 matches in the past 2 weeks (counting the U23 friendly in Vietnam) already as they have to finish before November because of the Asian Games and it is a difficult situation for the Cubs to handle at the best of time, let alone now when their top scorer is gone and there are holes in defence and midfield to fill. 3-0 to SAFFC

Home United vs Balestier Khalsa
Let make it a short one. There can only be 1 winner and it is Home United. If they cannot win, their season is over so no pressure (like real). 2-1 to Home United

Tampines Rovers reach RHB Singapore Cup semi-final

Tampines Rovers defeated Balestier Khlasa 6-1 overall to reach the semi-final stage of the RHB Singapore Cup.

In the first leg at Tampines, Aleksandar Duric hit a double, to reach his 300th and 301th S-league goal, with Shahdan Sulaiman also getting in the act to destroy Balestier Khalsa 3-0.

In the second leg at Toa Poyah, it was a no contest as well with goals from Khairul Amri, Aliff Shafaein and Satria Mad giving Tampines Rovers another convincing 3-1 victory.

K Vikraman scored the only goal for Balestier Khalsa in the two leg.

First leg

Tampines Rovers
Hassan Sunny (GK), Zulkarnaen Zainal (C), Seiji Kaneko, Akihiro Nakamura, Imran Sahib, Park Yo Seb, Shahdan Sulaiman, (Khairul Amri) Shukor Zailan, (Jufri Taha) Aliff Shafaein, (Edward Tan) Ismadi Mukhtar, Aleksandar Duric

Balestier Khalsa
Joey Sim (GK), Paul Cunningham, Daniel Hammond (C), K Sathiaraj, (Ishak Zainol) Han Yiguang, (Rivaldo Costa) Syaqir Sulaiman, Kamal Nasir, K Vikraman, (Nurhilmi Jasni) Andrew Tan, Poh Yi Feng, Vitor Borges

Second leg

Balestier Khalsa
Ahmadulhaq Che Omar (GK), Paul Cunningham, Daniel Hammond (C), (Amirrul Kamal) Mushthafa Kamal, K Sathiaraj, (Kamal Nasir) Syaqir Sulaiman, Ishak Zainol, K Vikraman, Poh Yi Feng, (K Sivaseshan) Andrew Tan, Vitor Borges

Tampines Rovers
Hassan Sunny (GK), Benoit Croissant, Seiji Kaneko, Akihiro Nakamura, Imran Sahib, Park Yo Seb, (Satria Mad) Shahdan Sulaiman, (Jamil Ali) Aliff Shafaein (C), (Shukor Zailan) Khairul Amri, Ismadi Mukhtar, Aleksandar Duric

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eagles the only winner in squence of draw

Geylang United won the only match out of the 3 matches in the past week as they thrashed Sengkang Punggol 4-1

Balestier Khalsa and Woodlands Wellington along with Beijing Gouan (S) and Gombak United all play out a 1-1 draw.

Paul Cunningham scored for Balestier Khalsa while Woodlands Wellington goal came from Abdelhadi Laakkad.

In the encounter between Beijing and the Bulls, Tang Xin scored for the Chinese side while Chang Jo Yoon  got the goal for the Bulls.

The Eagles goals came from Vasile Ghindaru, Peter Tomko, Kim Jae Hong and Rastislav Belicak with Mamadou Diallo replying for the Dolphins.

Balestier Khalsa
Joey Sim (GK), (Poh Yi Feng) Sofiyan Abdul Hamid, Paul Cunningham, Daniel Hammond (C), Mushthafa Kamal, K Sathiaraj, (Syaqir Sulaiman) Ishak Zainol, Andrew Tan, Nurhilmi Jasni, Vitor Borges, (Syafiq Zainal) Rivaldo Costa

Woodlands Wellington
Fajar Sarib (GK), Kazuki Yoshino, Luis Eduardo Hicks, Sahairi Ramri, (Asraf Rashid) Anaz Hadee, (Nigel Vanu) Shahri Musa, Azlan Alipah, Syed Karim, Noor Ali (C), Sazali Salleh, Abdelhadi Laakkad


Gombak United
Zakariah Nerani (GK), Jaslee Hatta (C), Bah Mamadou, Obadin Aikhena, Jeremy Chiang, (Aloysius Yap) Ruhaizad Ismail, Fabian Tan, Ridhwan Jamaludin, Park Kang Jin, Fazrul Nawaz, (Armanizam Dolah) Chang Jo Yoon


Geylang United
Siddiq Durimi (GK), Salim Rahim, Jonathan Xu, Rastislav Belicak (C), Vasile Ghindaru, (Fabian Kwok) Kim Jae Hong, Adrian Dhanaraj, (Fazly Hasan) Hafiz Rahim, Syed Fadhil, (Yasir Hanap)Masrezwan Masturi, Peter Tomko

Sengkang Punggol
Fadhil Salim (GK), Ratna Suffian, Kenji Arai, Jordan Webb, Nor Azli Yusoff (C), (Ashley Ow) Farizal Basri, Faizal Amir, Duncan Elias, (Jalal) Sobrie Mazelan, Mojtaba Tehranizadeh, Mamadou Diallo

Indonesia to call up to 5 new citizen

PSSI has come out to reveal the number of Dutch they have convinced (as under Indonesian law, they have to give up Dutch citizenship) and intend to convert before the AFF Suzuki Cup.

According to (translated from Indonesian), there will be 5; John Van Benkering and Van Dijk we already know so the remaining 3 are David Ririhena, a defender with club side Top Oss, Tom Hiariej, a midfielder with Dutch side FC Gronigen, and Micheal Timisela, a midfielder with Dutch side VVV Venloa.

Top Oss is a Dutch third Division side. Gronigen and VVV Venloa are both Dutch top division sides.

Of these 3, Tom Hiariej, who is 22, has the most impressive resume as he was a Dutch player in the U17 World Cup at Peru and have won a cap at the U21 level* although he appear to have lost his way after that.

PSSI admit they will all be fast-tracked to become Indonesian so that they can be called up for the AFF Suzuki Cup as the normal channels will take too long.

They also hoped that these players will be able to play in friendly games arranged before the AFF Suzuki Cup so that they can build an understanding with their new teammates before the December competition.

This change of track by PSSI to call up Dutch players with Indonesian heritage to rebuild their national team came after the failure to qualify for the Asian Cup Finals for the first time since 1992

* Take note, the European U21 championship consider players to be U21 if they are that age at the start of the qualifiers so Tom Hiariej still qualified for Holland at this point but have not been called up anymore.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Indonesia call up second Dutch forward and looking up at third

According to a news report from REPUBLIKA (translated from Indonesian), Indonesia is set to call up another Dutch national - John van Beukering. 

The 26-year-old is expected to make his international appearance in October when Indonesia face Uruguay and Honduras  

He is currently plying his trade with Dutch side Go Ahead Eagles in the Eerste Divisie (Dutch Div 1)

According to Wikipedia, he has scored 76 career goals in 203 career appearances.

Other than him, the report also claim NEC forward Cayfano Latupeirissa has been approached.

Beukering is the second Dutch to be scouted after PSSI decided to rebuild their national team with it failure to qualify for the Asian Cup Finals.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Asian Games squad to play in Vietnam competition

A provisional Asian Games squad will be send to play in the Eximbank Cup (yes, it change name again) in Vietnam.

They will play Iran Olympic team, Malaysia U23 team and Vietnam U23 team in preparation for the Guangzhou bound games in China this November.

Provisional Singapore Asian Games Squad

Izwan Mahbud
Young Lions
Lionel Lewis Home United

Shakir Hamzah NFA U18
Daniel Bennett
Hidhir Hasbiallah Gombak United
Eddie Affendy Chang Young Lions
Afiq Yunos Young Lions

Syafiq Zainal
Balestier Khalsa
Faritz Abdul Hameed Young Lions
Hafiz Abu Sujad Young Lions
Nazrul Ahmad Nazari Young Lions
Zulfahmi Arifin Young Lions
Hariss Harun Young Lions
Firdaus Kasman Home United
Erwan Gunawan SAFFC

Al-Qaasimy Abdul Rahman NFA U18
Rizawan Abdullah Woodland Wellington
Eugene Luo Young Lions
Fadhil Noh Young Lions
Khalili D'cruz Young Lions

Lionel and Bennet are the overage players for the moment

S-league Preview

S-league Preview - 1 right with perfect score and 2 wrong

Beijing Gouan (S) vs Gombak United
Quite frankly, I cannot think of any reason why Bulls should not win this. It is a weaken Chinese side and if the Bulls cannot walk away with 3 points then the only reason is they are not good enough. They should not let that happen as then they should walk in shame for they cannot beat a youth that have been weaken to the core. 3-0 to the Bulls

Geylang United vs Sengkang Punggol
It has a draw written all over it. Both sides are not good enough to beat the other in my view. And I do not even know they can score in the first place so here is my foavourite scoreline whenever there is a Geylang match. 0-0 draw

Stags to sell Khariul Amri to Persiba Balikpapan (edited)

Tampines Rovers forward Khariul Amri is set to join Persiba Balikpapan after reports (translated from Indonesian) indicate the Indonesian club is ready to make an offer for him that include a transfer fee.

That for me is the right way forward as once again I cannot stress my disappointment with Home United who meekly allowed Shahril Ishak to leave for free.

There are even indications that Gombak United had done the same but at the moment, I will give John Yap the benefit of the doubt but if it was so, then his words in the media in the past that FAS should give more funding will sound hollow to me.

One cannot give away players for free on one hand and then turn around to demand money with the other.

S-league clubs cannot expect FAS to increase funding to makeup for shortfall when they themselves do not make an effort in cases like this; the clubs have to stand their ground and ask for transfer fees or the Indonesian clubs can wait.

It happen to us as SAFFC had to wait 2 years for Therdask Chaiman when his then-Thai club BEC demanded a U$10k transfer fee.

There is no excuse with talks that it is an honour oversea clubs want our players consider bullshit as it cost money and efforts to develop players and if these players can help recoup part of it, the clubs should do it.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bulls sell Goran Subara to PSM

Here is something rare in ASEAN football as from a report (translated from Indonesian), Gombak United has managed to sell a player.

Yes, that right. It appear to have a transfer fee involved.

But PSM manager Sirajuddin Henderson refused to reveal how much they paid for the Australian midfielder but if they were as desperate in looking for a defensive midfielder as indicated before, I hope it is a reasonable sum.

It is good business sense by Gombak United as until now I cannot understand why Home United allowed Shahril Ishak to leave without a transfer fee for we are not running a charity here in Singapore and it is right to demand a transfer fee.

Gombak United have done the right thing and hopefully other clubs understand letting players go for free when they are under contract is stupid

So do not cry no money when we are doing such charity work.

Shariff Abdul Samat move to Persibo Bojonegoro off

Shariff Abdul Samat move to ISL side Persibo Bojonegoro is off.

The Indonesian club have not registered the Singaporean for the upcoming ISL season, according to a report from (translated from Indonesian)

But, the 26-year-old should count himself lucky as it appear from the report the club have financial constraint and can only registered 23 players despite ISL rules allowing 30 players to be registered.

In addition, the Indonesian club who won promotion to ISL by winning the Indonesian Premier League (Indonesian lower Division) is reportedly yet to be paid that prize money by PSSI according to an earlier report.

So the club may experienced money problem sooner rather than later.

It does not change the fact Shariff have no future at Home United so he need to continue to look for a club.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Asian Games 2010

26 nations have selected to send their football teams to compete in the Asian Games 2010 at Guangzhou.

They are China (host), Hong Kong, Bahrain, Bangladesh, North Korea, India, Iran, Iraq, Japan, South Korea, Jordan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Oman, Palestine, Qatar (champions), Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Maldives.

The 26 teams will be divided into 6 groups with 2 groups having 5 teams.

The top 2 from each group and 4 best third place finishers qualify to play in the knockout stage.

The competition will start from November 7 and last 18 days with 7 stadiums to be use for the men event.

Verschave strike send Etoile FC back to the top with 3 matches left

Etoile FC are back at the top after defeating Gombak United 1-0 at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

It virtually mean Tampines Rovers slim hopes of winning the 2010 S-league are gone as the Stags are now four points behind the leaders with only three matches left.

Etoile FC will have to lose two of their remaining matches for the Stags to take advantage and even the most biased Stags fan looking through rose-tinted glasses cannot expect such a scenario.

The French may drop one match but it is hard to image two.

For Home United, they can only hope as the fate of the championship is not in their hand and as long as Etoile FC continue to win, they can do nothing except match the French club results.

Matthias Verschave had scored early in the second period to give the French their winner.

Gombak United
Zakariah Nerani (GK), Jaslee Hatta (C), Hamqaamal Shah, (Shafuan Sutohmoh) Bah Mamadou, Obadin Aikhena, Jeremy Chiang, Goran Subara, Ridhwan Jamaludin,
(Aloysius Yap) Park Kang Jin, Fazrul Nawaz, (Zulkiffli Hassim) Chang Jo Yoon

Home thrashed Tampines to end East hope

It was not to have worked out this way as Duric was to have score his official (Take note, just different tally) 300th S-league goals and the Stags, with home advantage and passion fans, should have continue the fight to take on Etoile FC.

Clearly, nobody told Home United the script or the Protectors did not accept that fate.

It does not matter as any hope the trophy will be landing in the East is gone like the wind.

Only the Central area (Home United) and the West (Etoile FC) will see the S-league trophy this year.

And the Stags can have little complain as they were outplayed by the Protectors for long period in the match.

One must ask if the ease of the Protectors victory was the result of the difference in age of the Stags and Protectors key players as even with the Stags average age down over the years, their key members like Duric (attack) and Nakamura (midfield) are not young and it does not help Khariul Amri always miss a portion of the season.

On the other hand,
Shahril Ishak, who is leaving Home United, the key player of Home United is on the verge of his prime years.

It looked like the the Stags rebuilding still have another year to go as
more of their supporting cast like Shukor Zailan and Shahdan Sulaiman etc learn to step up at the crucial stage of the season like Aliff is finally doing.

If not, they will always just miss out but this season, it is not over as they still have the Singapore Cup to look forward yet it is always say the league is the bread and butter so the Eastern giant have miss out on the big one.

Jun Woo Keun,
Shahril Ishak and Sufian Anuar scored for the Protectors

Home United
Lionel Lewis (GK),
Juma'at Jantan, Valery Hiek, Rosman Sulaiman, Shi Jiayi, Choi Chul Woo, Chun Jae Woon, (Firdaus Kasman) Isa Halim, (Sufian Anuar) Firdaus Idros, Jun Woo Keun, (Faizal Samad) Shahril Ishak(C)

Tampines Rovers
Hassan Sunny (GK), Benoit Croissant, Seiji Kaneko, Akihiro Nakamura, Imran Sahib, Park Yo Seb, Shahdan Sulaiman, (Zahid Ahmad) Shukor Zailan, (Jamil Ali) Aliff Shafaein (C), (Khairul Amri) Ismadi Mukhtar, Aleksandar Duric

Millennial Thang Long-Hanoi Cup schedule

Millennial Thang Long-Hanoi Cup Schedule :

September 28, 2010 ( Tuesday )
Iran U21 vs. Singapore U23, Malaysia U23 vs Vietnam U23

September 30, 2010 ( Thursday )
Malaysia U23 vs Iran U23, Vietnam U23 vs Singapore U23

October 2, 2010 ( Saturday )
Singapore U23 vs Malaysia U23, Vietnam U23 vs Iran U21

Olympic Cubs invited for International Under-21 Football Tournament/Vietnam Youth Newspaper Cup again

The Cubs, who were invited for the International Under-21 Football Tournament /Vietnam Youth Newspaper Cup last year, have been invited again.

Like last year, the Singapore Olympic team which is U19 now, as FAS had prepare for U21 Olympic, should be the one participating in this event.


October 23, 2010 ( Saturday )
Singapore U21 vs Malaysia U21, Vietnam U21 vs Myanmar U21

October 25, 2010 ( Monday )
Thailand U21 vs Myanmar U21, Vietnam U21 vs Singapore U21

October 27, 2010 ( Wednesday )
Malaysia U21 vs Vietnam U19, Vietnam U21 vs Thailand U21

October 29, 2010 ( Friday ) : Semi Final
October 31, 2010 ( Sunday ) : Third Place, Final

Punishment for Young Lions and Beijing

The FAS Disciplinary Committee arrived at their verdict today with regards to the charges of gross misconduct laid on Young Lions and Beijing Guoan Talent during their Great Eastern YEO’S S.League match on 07 September 2010 at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

Both clubs have been docked five points and fined $5,000 each. The FAS Disciplinary Committee has also concluded that the match will not be replayed and the result will stand.

Six players from the Young Lions have been charged for gross misconduct which brought the game into disrepute.

Madhu Mohana has been suspended from playing or participating in all football related activities for 4 months and fined S$1,000.

Gabriel Quak Jun Yi has been suspended from playing or participating in all football related activities for 4 months and fined S$1,000.

Khairul Nizam has been suspended from playing or participating in all football related activities for 8 months and fined S$2,000.

Fairoz Hasan has been suspended from playing or participating in all football related activities for 8 months and fined S$1,500.

Safuwan Baharudin has been fined S$2,000.

Irwan Shah has fined S$2,000.

10 players from Beijing Guoan Talent have been charged for gross misconduct which brought the game into disrepute.

Tang Miao, Zhao Yang, Zhang Zhaohui, Cui Yu have been fined S$2,000.

Yan Hai and Yu Tianzhu have been fined S$3,000.

Li Tixiang has been fined S$2,500.

Su Boyang has been suspended from playing or participating in all football related activities for 8 months and fined S$2,000.

Zhang Ye has been suspended from playing or participating in all football related activities for 8 months and fined S$1,500.

Meng Yang has been suspended from playing or participating in all football related activities for 12 months and fined S$3,000.

Eugene Loo, Young Lions Team Manager, said after the hearing, “We believe that the hearing conducted was detailed and the appropriate action was carried out by the FAS Disciplinary Committee. The players have expressed their remorse for the incident and they understand the importance of maintaining their discipline and professionalism at all time. Once again, we are deeply sorry for the incident and look to move forward from the incident”

Beijing Guoan Talent, Team Manager, Jonathan Wong said, “We apologise once again for the incident. We believe that the players deserved to be punished for their actions and the appropriate action was meted out”

K. Bala Chandran concluded the two-day hearing “The Disciplinary Committee extensively reviewed 5 video footages of the match, which provided us with a clear view of the incidents for each and every player. The players have been very remorseful in their mitigation and have admitted to the charges laid on them.”

Shahril Ishak move to ISL

Home United midfielder Sharil Ishak will be moving to the Indonesian Super Liga to join Baihakki at Persib Bandung.

I wonder if Baihakki was the one who talk both side to such an agreement (as it too much of a coincidence) and if it was, I hate him.

Sharil Ishak was quote as saying he was at first reluctant to leave Home United as the club had supported him back in 2007 when he was affected up to half a year by the lung infection and few clubs in Singapore, or even ASEAN, are noted for that.

But in the end, the Singaporean international admitted the pay check and chance of oversea experience was to big a temptation.

He will received double his Home United wages and believed the club he is going is financial-sound as he has hired a agent to look into the matter.

Friday, September 17, 2010

S-league Preview

Last week Preview- Got 3 right with 1 wrong

Tampines Rovers vs Home United
A game that will close the curtain on 1 of the side championship hopes. Quite frankly I hope it is Tampines Rovers but it may not be so. Khariul Amri is finally ready to play some part after coming on against Woodlands Wellington and suffering no ill effect. That could prove crucial as in a tight match like this, the Stags have a great player sitting on the bench which the Protectors will find hard to match. But then, the Protectors have the Player of the month Shahril Ishak right from the start of the match. Thus, it could be how the key players perform and the Stags have 1 of the better support in the league so they could be perk up due to that as it is play at Tampines. So I have no choice but to go with the Stags as after all they have the better championship hopes if the local fans want the local clubs to continue keep the S-league trophy out of the hands of Etoile FC. 3-2 to Tampines Rovers

Gombak United vs Etoile FC
A lot of local fans will be hoping the Bulls are the team to stop the French championship march but like the Tigers game, once the French take the lead I cannot see how the Bulls are going to come back. Of course, the problem is the French have to score first and this is a problem as they have yet to score a goal against the Bulls. A physical team and one who will likely sit back to make it even harder for the Queentown side. Still, if they want to be champions, the French have to score. 1-0 to Etoile FC

Balestier Khalsa vs Woodlands Wellington
I can see the Tigers walking away with all 3 points. This season they are a better side than the Rams and they just have to make sure they do not make silly mistakes like the Etoile FC match and all their players put in maximum efforts. It will be enough to get them all 3 points. 2-1 to the Tigers

Etoile start championship march

French side Etoile FC have started their championship march as the league count down to it last 4 games for the title challengers.

The French side destroyed Balestier Khalsa 3-0 with goals from Flavien Michelini, Frederic Mendy and Karim Boudjema.

With that result, they maintain their hold on top spot in the league and the Stags and Protectors can only watch on and hope for a freak result from one of Etoile FC rivals because they have both discovered their winning form too late.

The Protectors got their win 1 week too late for last week, they should got it against Sengkang Punggol; instead of drawing.

This 1-0 win against Geylang United, with the winner from Chun Jae Woon, may not mean much as next Tuesday, they are meeting Tampines Rovers and 1 of them will surely drop out of the race after that titanic battle.

For the Stags, they discovered their winning form way too late, by 2 weeks, as any winner against Young Lions or Etoile FC and the battle against Home United will not have mattered.

Still, a win is a win even if it is against bottom-dwellers Woodlands Wellington as the Stags achieved a 4-2 win at Woodlands Wellington.

The Stags goals were scored by Duric (2), Aliff Shafaein and Ismadi Mukhtar while the Rams goals came from Azlan Alipah and Abdelhadi Laakkad.

Home United
Lionel Lewis (GK), Juma'at Jantan, Valery Hiek, Rosman Sulaiman, Shi Jiayi, Choi Chul Woo, Chun Jae Woon, Isa Halim, (Sufian Anuar) Firdaus Idros, Jun Woo Keun, Shahril Ishak(C)

Geylang United
 Siddiq Durimi (GK), Salim Rahim, Walid Lounis, Vasile Ghindaru, Kim Jae Hong, Adrian Dhanaraj, (Hafiz Rahim) Shah Hirul, Syed Fadhil (C), (Yasir Hanap) Itimi Dickson, (Hassan Aziz) Masrezwan Masturi, Peter Tomko


Woodlands Wellington

 Hafez Mawasi (GK), Winston Yap, Kazuki Yoshino, (Luis Eduardo Hicks) Sahairi Ramri, Anaz Hadee, (Nigel Vanu) Azlan Alipah, Syed Karim, Noor Ali (C), (Rizawan Abdullah) Asraf Rashid, Sazali Salleh, Abdelhadi Laakkad

Tampines Rovers
Alimin Mohamed (GK), Benoit Croissant, Seiji Kaneko, Akihiro Nakamura, Imran Sahib, Park Yo Seb, Shahdan Sulaiman, (Shukor Zailan) Zulkarnaen Zainal, (Jamil Ali) Aliff Shafaein (C), (Khairul Amri) Ismadi Mukhtar, Aleksandar Duric


Balestier Khalsa

Ahmadulhaq Che Omar (GK), Paul Cunningham, Daniel Hammond (C), K Sathiaraj, (Syaqir Sulaiman) Ishak Zainol, (Andrew Tan) Kamal Nasir, K Vikraman, (Sofiyan Abdul Hamid) Poh Yi Feng, Nurhilmi Jasni, Syafiq Zainal, Rivaldo Costa

White Swans beat Dolphins once again

Fans always sing - Can we meet you every week - when they meet a favourite opposition and this year, the Dolphins are a favourite opposition of the White Swans.

4 meeting in League and Cup and the White Swans achieved 3 win and 1 draw.

It cannot get better than that as the Dolphins have contributed nearly a 1/3 of the White Swans points in the league table.

So the White Swans must be singing and wishing they played Sengkang Punggol every week as Mitsuki Ichihara scored the winner.

Sengkang Punggol
Fadhil Salim (GK), Ratna Suffian, Lau Meng Meng, Kenji Arai, Jordan Webb, Nor Azli Yusoff (C), (Farizal Basri) An Jae Cheul, Faizal Amir, Duncan Elias, (Jalal) Sobrie Mazelan, Mamadou Diallo

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Semi-final beckon

It look like Spore has more than a good chance to make it to the semi-final after the Suzuki Cup draw and Raddy was quoted in the media as believing it was the case as well.

He believed it was going to be host Vietnam and the Lions and he has even say anything less than the Final will be a disappointment and who can disagreed.

I do not know who will be our semi-final foes so let looked at the group.

Myanmar, for all the talk of how well they do, is only good in youth competition and the reasons I have explored years back.

Indeed, they have yet to beat the Lions in any senior competition since 1979 and with no respect to them, I am confident it can be extend as our senior squad is much stronger than them.

That why the top 2 spot in the group looked secure and it is not over-confidence, it is confident in the abilities of our Lions as I believed we can even be champions for the fourth time.

Group A
Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia (host), Winners of Qualifier

Group B
Singapore, Vietnam (host) , Myanmar, Runners up of qualifiers

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Suzuki Cup draw tomorrow

Before anybody forget or do not remember, the Suzuki Cup draw is tomorrow at 3 pm Singapore time.

No doubt, the official site will have the draw details out as soon as they are available so watch out for it at around 4 pm.


1 nation to host the qualifiers while 2 nations will be chosen to host the group stage Finals.

Semi-final and Final will be home and away format

6 nations qualified for Finals
Vietnam - Champions
Thailand - runner-up
Indonesia - semi-finalist
Singapore - semi-finalist
Malaysia - group third
Myanmar - group third

4 nations in qualifiers
Laos, Philippines, Cambodia, Timor Leste

Finals will be held in December 2010 with qualifiers slated for October


Previous editions and Champions

1996 (Singapore)
Final: Thailand 1-0 Malaysia
Champions - Thailand

1998 (Vietnam)
Final: Singapore 1-0 Vietnam
Champions - Singapore

2000 (Thailand)
Final: Thailand 4-1 Indonesia
Champions - Thailand

2002 (Indonesia and Singapore)
Final: Thailand (4) 2-2 (2) Indonesia
Champions - Thailand

2004/2005 (Vietnam and Malaysia)
Final first leg: Indonesia 1-3 Singapore
Final second leg: Singapore 2-1 Indonesia
Champions - Singapore

2007 (Singapore and Thailand)
Final first leg: Singapore 2-1 Thailand
Final second leg: Thailand 1-1 Singapore

Champions - Singapore

2008 (Indonesia and Thailand)
Final first leg: Thailand 1-2 Vietnam
Final second leg: Vietnam 1-1 Thailand
Champions - Vietnam

Singapore (3)
Thailand (3)
Vietnam (1)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Anti-football, under physical play guise, is a worry

All the focus now is on how to revamp S-league after the Jalan Besar clash between Young Lions and Beijing Gouan (S), yet I will not be talking about any revamp as want to focus on a topic that arose after the Woodlands Wellington and Etoile FC match at the start of last month.

At that point, the championship race was boiling up and with YOG coming up so it was best left to end of the season but with a five days break due to Hari Raya and suspended matches, there is no better time.

The header should have been Patrick Vallee was right about certain teams but knowing some, it will be too much.

But it does not take away the fact; Patrick Vallee is RIGHT and Shahsi Kumar reaction about the French wearing skits is looking at it from the wrong point.

It is not just physical play that is the problem but the fact the teams - under those who advocate it is physical play - do not even play football at all most of the time.

Woodlands Wellington claimed they are now on the next stage of Singapore development and looking to develop players for the nation thus they are focusing more on youth.

The question then become how any good players can develop if the football is constantly played in the sky with players constantly asked to hack opposition down to stop play.

It may seem harsh but the French players from Etoile will certainly not develop into what they are today if they came from the Rams development.

And, it is not just confined to Woodlands Wellington for if one divided the S-league into two, I can say (and I say it before) only the S-league Big 3 can be consider the teams that play football.

It is reflected in this year ACL and AFC Cup challenge for if we are talking about S-league Big 3, we deserved to be in ACL group stage but if we looked at the rest, we have a hard time justifying if we deserved to be even in the AFC Cup.

Geylang United campaign in the AFC Cup was terrible and it reflects the strength and abilities of the rest of the league and that there is much to do.

Throughout the entire AFC Cup campaign, the Eagles refused to come out of their defensive hole even when they needed the results.

After half their campaign was gone, they were in third and needed a win to secure second slot but against Thai Port, they still played their regular game plan and the Thais was the ones that pushed for the win as they know with it, they are virtually through to the knockout stage and the outcome reflected that with the Eagles unable to do anything once they fall behind.

The problem is not just about ACL and AFC Cup slot as it has greater implication with it concerning Lions Asian campaign as well.

Raddy said the last ACQ failure was our inabilities to win matches at home and he was right but if the players are develop in an environment that ‘reward’ anti-football then how are we doing to find players who can win matches for us.

And, it may have started due to Raddy success earlier as the only way was by playing defensive football.

Before we proceed, I want to say all National teams started this way as they needed the results first to convince the general public of the target with Japan as an example.

In WC 98, Japan was derided for the most uninspiring football of the tournament even as they got the result they wanted which was not to be thrashed at any cost.

Now, 12 years later, under the same coach, Japan had continued to play defensive football but this time many admitted there are more flair to the team and the result were beyond expectations.

This is where Singapore football has to be now and have a balance between flair and defensive abilities as defensive football can only take us so far.

Japan was helped not by a stronger league, before talks about the difference in strength of both leagues, but rather a commitment by J-league to play football even among the weaker teams.

This is no doubt due to the influence on their league which is not from result at all cost BPL but football inspired Spanish Liga and South American league.

This is a real problem as Shahsi Kumar and, likely, many head coaches do not see any problem as long they do not get thrashing so they justified their type of football.

That is why Raddy have been ‘accused’ of not looking at players from ‘smaller’ teams but the problem is the Lions have to add flair to their defensive play and honestly speaking, I asked the question again - do anybody expect flair players to have a chance to develop in such an environment?

The example of ex-Eagles Miroslav Latiak is worth a look as the Slovakian midfielder was consider one of the flair player in the Eagles squad when he started out three years ago yet by early this year, the flair have been taken out of him and I see him doing what his teammates do and he has become an all-‘brawn’ player.

We certainly need a balance of brawn players as well as flair players developed from our clubs - not for the Lions sake only - for it is in the interest of the clubs themselves as they cannot hope to attract me to watch too many of the matches - outside the Big 3 and Etoile FC – let alone the neutrals as it is too terrible.

After all, fans come to see the flair players Khariul Amri, John Wilkinson and Shahril Ishak etc perform; not hacking players, nine-man defensive bus formation or football in the sky.

Anti-football have taken over the S-league and it is worrying for the best players come from Spain and South America who advocate flair; not Britain who advocate physical (or in truth anti-football)

S-league Preview

Last week Preview - 0 right and 3 wrong with 1 undecided

Home United vs Geylang United
The Protectors have fallen once in their championship charge and it appear to have cost them dearly. The title is not in their hand once again just one week after it was in their hand when they defeated Etoile and Tampines falter against Young Lions. Now, they cannot do anything except do what they have been doing mostly for the last 14 matches - Win or burst. And the Eagles are no match for them. 3-1 to Home United.

Sengkang Punggol vs Albirex Niigata (S)
The Dolphins are enjoying some good form now and yet strangely enough I fancy the White Swans due to that. The reason is the White Swans like to play teams who are not as defensive-minded and with recent results, Aide will surely not be asking his team to pull back as their fans will hear none of it. Another reason is the White Swans do well against teams hovering around them in the league table with no defeat from their meeting with Woodlands Wellington, Sengkang Punggol or Beijing Gouan (S) and they collect 4 of their 5 wins this season from them. But since it is at Hougang, I will opt for the draw. 1-1 draw

Woodlands Wellington vs Tampines Rovers
No excuse. The Rams must fall and Tampines Rovers cannot hide if they fail this assignment. They do not even need Khariul Amri for the job as they already have the personals for it. Win or burst now. 3-0 to Tampines Rovers.

Etoile FC vs Balestier Khalsa
The start of the championship charge for Etoile. The Tigers are no easy prey this year but they can be taken down. Indeed once and if the French take the lead, one can see no way back for the Toa Poyah side. This is not underestimating the Tigers but they lacked the strength and abilities to challenge Etoile FC in such a situation. 1-0 to Etoile FC

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Penalty miss give Stars top spot and surely the S-league title

It has been billed as the championship decider and I believed it was so.

That was why Korean defender Park Yo Seb penalty miss was so crucial for it has given not only top spot to Etoilr FC but a real shot at the S-league title.

But no blame can be attached to the former Korean international as the pressure he must have felt must been enormous as it was virtually the last kick of the game with no chance to make up for any error.

The only thing that can be said is
Spanish side Deportivo de La Coruña had suffered a similar outcome in the championship race in the 93/94 season when Serbian defender Miroslav Đukić miss his spot-kick that cost the Spanish side their first ever title.

But it all came around 7 years down the road when Deportivo finally won and then 2 years later, Dukic found peace as he collected his first silverware with Valencia.

Yes, this may sound like consolation words and it is but few will have the courage to take a spotkick at that point like Park and Dukic did.

They had it and failed and that is life.

However, at the start it was not as exciting as the ending for both sides have too much to lose from losing this game as their year work could be gone in 90 minutes.

As a result, both sides were cautious in their approach and Mendy header onto the bar with Hassan Sunny totally beaten was the real chance of the first period.

The second period was adventurous thanks to a quick goal by
Mendy as the S-league top scorer took advantage of a miss header by Stags defender Croissant to bring the ball down and push off Kaneko to fire the shot pass Hassan.

Left with
no choice, Tampines Rovers have to attack and they did with waves after waves while the Stars took advantage of that to counterattack.

It was breathtaking pace and it was Etoile FC who broke first as 10 minutes after that opener, Aliff
Shafaein fired in the equaliser.

It can be described as nothing but a messy affair as Etoile players could not clear the ball from the area and it was bouncing all about, the Stags skipper got to it and fired a shot pass a group of Stars and Stags player into the net.

Yohann Lacroix could not react to it at all although he will have his moment later on.

With the game tip at the balance, Etoile FC went to take the lead thanks to a brilliant moment from Michelini.

Just like the Stags goal, the Etoile FC midfielder got advantage of the Stags inablilty to clear the ball from the area although the difference was high up in the air when it came down to him. with little time, he improvise by slamming the ball in mid-air with a scissor kick and it went into the top corner with Hassan beaten all the way.

The Stags will have to come back again and they nearly did but Lacroix produce two excellent saves.

First from
Shahdan Sulaiman who chested the ball down and volley it into the top corner. It was going in until Lacroix matched Shahdan effort with an equally brilliant save. Second moment came when Croissant fired in a freekick that had goal screaming but again, Lacroix matches that effort as he flew to save it and push it away from danger.

The Stags must have believed it was all over until the penalty incident and then it was really over.

Etoile FC now has one hand on the championship crown as Tampines Rovers still have to face off against Home United and both sides could end up taking points off each other.

For the Queenstown side though, 4 of the 5 remaining matches looked like a banker if they play to their potential. Only former champions looked troublesome but it may not matter as their rivals could be dropping points themselves.

History beckon for the Queestown club.

Tampines Rovers
Hassan Sunny (GK), Benoit Croissant, Seiji Kaneko, Akihiro Nakamura, Imran Sahib, Park Yo Seb, Shahdan Sulaiman, (Zulkarnaen Zainal) Aliff Shafaein (C), (Jufri Taha) Shukor Zailan, Ismadi Mukhtar, Aleksandar Duric

Young Lions vs Beijing Gouan (S) match abandoned

The Young Lions vs Beijing Gouan (S) was match was abandoned after a fight broke out between the players 2 minutes from time.

I have no idea what happen thus have so no comments

Here is the report from S-league website and the Youtube video.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Protectors fail first championship test

It was the first time Home United faced the pressure of being a front runner and ultimately they failed the test.

A win against Sengkang Punggol will have given Home United top spot for the next 48 hours but they were fortunate to walk away with 1 point in the end.

At half-time, the Protectors were down 0-2 with goals from Mamadou Diallo and Jordan Webb.

Left with the chance their title hopes be left in tatters, the Protectors fought back to 2-2 within 20 minutes of the second period with goals from Choi Chul Woo and Shi Jia Yi.

But still with half an hour to go, the Protectors were unable to score again and they were left to ponder what might have been.

They have now climbed up to second but have played a game more than their two rivals, Tampines Rover and Etoile FC, who are meeting head on and this should have been the start of a championship charge.

But now, their rivals have been let off the hook.

Pressure got to their head? Only they know.

Home United
Lionel Lewis (GK), Juma'at Jantan, Shahril Alias, Valery Hiek, Rosman Sulaiman, Shi Jiayi, Choi Chul Woo, Chun Jae Woon, (Firdaus Idros) Firdaus Kasman, (Zulfadli Zainal Abidin) Jun Woo Keun, Shahril Ishak(C)

Sengkang Punggol
Fadhil Salim (GK), Ratna Suffian, Lau Meng Meng, Kenji Arai, Jordan Webb, Nor Azli Yusoff (C), (Shahir Hamzah) An Jae Cheul, (Jala) Farizal Basri, Duncan Elias, (Zul Nor Farahin ) Sobrie Mazelan, Mamadou Diallo

SAFFC move to fourth spot

SAFFC have moved to fourth spot after defeating Gombak United 2-0 at the Jurong West Stadium in the weekend.

Uruguayan forward Federico Martinez scored both goals including his first goal from open play in the league which was the first one.

It was also the 1000th S-league goals scored by the Warriors.

The next night, Geylang United failed to move back to fourth as they fell shockingly 0-1 to bottom-dweller Woodlands Wellington at the Bedok Stadium.

One time Eagles legend Noor Ali got the winner for his current employer.
Gombak United
Zakariah Nerani (GK), Hamqaamal Shah, Bah Mamadou (C), Obadin Aikhena, Jeremy Chiang, Goran Subara, (Zulkiffli Hassim) Shafuan Sutohmoh, Ridhwan Jamaludin, Park Kang Jin, Fazrul Nawaz, (Ruhaizad Ismail) Chang Jo Yoon


Shahril Jantan (GK) (C),

Ivan Lovric, (Razaleigh Khalik) Hafiz Osman, Daniel Bennett, Ivan Jerkovic, Ahmad Latiff, John Wilkinson, Noh Rahman, (Ruzaini Zainal) Mustaqim Manzur, Taisuke Akiyoshi, (Erwan Gunawan) Federico Martinez 

Geylang United

 Yazid Yasin (GK), (Hafiz Rahim) Salim Rahim, (Masrezwan Masturi) Walid Lounis, Rastislav Belicak (C), Vasile Ghindaru, Kim Jae Hong, Adrian Dhanaraj, Shah Hirul, Syed Fadhil, (Yasir Hanap) Itimi Dickson, Peter Tomko

Woodlands Wellington 

Hafez Mawasi (GK), Kazuki Yoshino, Sahairi Ramri, Anaz Hadee, Luis Eduardo Hicks, Azlan Alipah, Syed Karim, Noor Ali (C), Asraf Rashid, (Guntur Djafri) Abdelhadi Laakkad, (Nigel Vanu) Rizawan Abdullah

Suzuki Cup official site is up and running

The official AFF Suzuki Cup site is up and running.

For those who wish to re-live the 2008 AFF Suzuki Cup, there are goals and news from that edition on the site.

The draw for the 2010 version will be held on September 15 at Hanoi, Vietnam at 2 pm local time. (3 pm Singapore time)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

S-league Preview

Last week Preview - Got 5 right with 2 perfect score and 3 wrong with 1 not yet decided

Geylang United vs Woodlands Wellington
The Eagles should win this one. The Rams have not won a game since June and during that period they have only drawn 2 games from 12 matches. The fact both were goalless show as long as the Eagles get a goal, they are pretty much assured of 3 points. That is not that hard, is it? 2-0 to Geylang United

Home United vs Sengkang Punggol
For the first time, Home United have the championship sights within their grasp. Until last week, they can only be considered third favourite as they needed their two main rival to slip up and now, both have done so. Indeed, this week scenario is even better for Home as no matter the outcome of Tampines Rovers vs Etoile FC tie, the Protectors will benefit as they will be minimum second at the end of it. This is as long as they defeat second-from-bottom Sengkang Punggol. They have no excuse. They must do it. 2-0 to Home United

Young Lions vs Beijing Gouan (S)
The Chinese side are a pretty inconsistent side while the Cubs relied heavily on their captain to show up. Out of the two weakness, who have the bigger weakness. I would say Beijing for as long as Hariss Harun turn up in a Cubs shirt, the Young Lions are capable of taking on any team; especially at the Cub Den. 2-1 to Young Lions

Tampines Rovers vs Etoile FC
The Stags have let a golden chance to open a 4-point gap slip and they have no choice, they have to win their matches and any slip up will be punished at this stage of the season. If they have won last week, a draw here will be acceptable but now, it is different for if Home win their game and this is the outcome, then the Stags will have to share top spot with them with Etoile still biting at them. A defeat will see Stags drop to third while only a victory can kill off Etoile FC chances - as the French will then be 5 points behind - and keep the Protectors at bay. What a tough situation to find themselves in. But this is when championship teams show up and they should forget about any celebration on Friday for if anything other than a win, then their entire year work could vanish. Win or bust. 3-2 to Tampines Rovers

Stags unable to take full advantage as they are held to 1-1 draw

Leaders Tampines Rovers have opened up a two-point gap between them and their main rivals - Home United and Etoile FC - but it should have been better.

With the Stags only able to secure a 1-1 draw, they were not able to open the full potential of a four-point gap and they were on their way to doing that with Aliff Shafaein putting them ahead in the first half.

They were doing that even up to the last five minutes of the game until Nazrul Ahmad Nazari struck and no matter what they claimed, it was a disappointing outcome as the Stags were not an inexperienced championship side with many members of their team having fought in championship battles and they should not have slip up at that moment.

But that what they did and they could paid the price as early as next Wednesday when they faced Etoile FC in the battle against top and second.

If they lose, they could end up as low as third place as Home United have a 'breather' against second from bottom Sengkang Punggol next week.

It will be a terrible price to pay at this point of the season as there are not that many games left to catch up back to top position.

Tampines Rovers
Hassan Sunny (GK), Benoit Croissant, Seiji Kaneko, Akihiro Nakamura, Imran Sahib, Park Yo Seb, Shahdan Sulaiman, Aliff Shafaein (C), (Jamil Ali) Shukor Zailan, Ismadi Mukhtar, Aleksandar Duric

Young Lions
Izwan Mahbud (GK), (Madhu Mohana) Eddie Affendy Chang, Irwan Shah (C), Safuwan Baharudin, (Nazrul Ahmad Nazari) Luka Savic, Izzdin Shafiq, Hariss Harun (C), Seo Su Jong, (Khairul Nizam) Khalili D'cruz, Fairoz Hasan, Eugene Luo

Van Dijk could be a formidable foe come Suzuki Cup

If Sergio van Dijk do get his Indonesian citizenship before the Suzuki Cup and get a call-up to the competition, then he is well-placed to be a contender for MVP of the 2010 version.

His goals and performance against Sydney was 1 of the best individual performance seem as it showcased his individual abilities.

It totally reminded me of a younger Duric who has the pace, strength and technical ability (Duric has two left now)

A Youtube video of the game had only show part what he was capable of in that game as many times he was involved in Adelaide United attack that did not ended up in the net.

If he show up in the Suzuki Cup in such form then Indonesia will be a dangerous foe.

The issues against him is he may lacked understanding with his Indonesian teammates thus they do not make best use of him along with a lacked of communication (As I do not think he speak Indonesian fluently)

The Lions will still have to look out for him if we are drawn against Indonesia.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Etoile championship take blow as Home win 1-0 in crucial match-up

Home United has won a crucial match-up against fellow challengers Etoile FC that could have derail the hopes of their rival.

With the win, Home United are equal on point with Etoile FC in the table but remain third as the French side have a better goal difference.

However, the biggest winner was a team that was not even playing; Tampines Rovers.

The Eastern giant can now open up a 4-point gap between them and their rivals - before next week match-up against Etoile FC - when they play Young Lions tomorrow.

But Home United may be the hidden threat Tampines Rovers should fear.

The Protectors displayed great teamwork and motivation in a game without heroes as they closed down the French side and kept them at bay despite the pressure put forward by the French for much of the match.

And let not forget it is the fasting month so this make it a greater effort.

Shahril Ishak had scored the winner after 20 minutes to make it Home 11th win from their last 12 matches.

Home United
Lionel Lewis (GK),

Juma'at Jantan, Choi Chul Woo, Valery Hiek, Rosman Sulaiman, Shi Jiayi, (Sufian Anuar) Tengku Mushadad, Chun Jae Woon, (Isa Halim) Firdaus Kasman, (Firdaus Idros) Jun Woo Keun, Shahril Ishak(C)

The last word

This is not the last word on the blog but on the Duric goal tally as do not want any debate on it as disagreement over data is not an uncommon issue.

The focus should be on Duric achievement as judged by S-league but just want to say I stand by my data I have given as I have check it again and is satisfied.

After all, when Romário scored his 1000th goal, many media network question it tally from the type of games to whether such games were even played etc.

However, none of that matter in the end with the focus on Romário achievement.

Still hopefully one day, when they have the resource, S-league can start a Goal Panel.

The BPL, even with their love of data, had their share of controversy with goal tally before a Goal Panel was set up.

No point showed that more than Andy Cole 100th Premier League goal as a number of media network and statistic companies have different figures with a few of his goals considered own goal or have other claimant as BPL let each organisation have their own data.

Now, every goal has to be stamped by the Goal Panel before they are considered legitimate.

It saw Peter Crouch got a hat-trick in the BPL on a night when he was playing in the Club World Cup in Japan as the Goal Panel in UK stamp their approval by considering an 'own' goal as Peter Crouch.

Baihakki Khaizan join Perisb Bandung

Baihakki Khaizan has join Perisb Bandung for the upcoming ISL season.

Perisb Bandung is considered the main rival of his previous ISL employer Persija Jakarta and one wonder how his previous adoring fans will feel about this move.

But Baihakki has always consider himself a pragmatic person so he will tell them he needed the job as he has a family to feed.

Perisb Bandung finished 4th in the ISL last season.

SAFFC defeat Sengkang

In their first home game since May, SAFFC return back to winning way as they defeated Sengkang Punggol 2-1 at Choa Chu Kang.

John Wilkinson and Ivan Jerkovic for the Warriors while Jordan Webb reply for the Dolphins.

The Warriors climb to fifth after the win.

Shahril Jantan (GK) (C), Ivan Lovric, Hafiz Osman, Daniel Bennett, Ivan Jerkovic, Ahmad Latiff, John Wilkinson, Noh Rahman, (Ruzaini Zainal) Mustaqim Manzur, Taisuke Akiyoshi, (Erwan Gunawan) Federico Martinez

Sengkang Punggol
Fadhil Salim (GK), (Farizal Basri) Shahir Hamzah, Ratna Suffian, Lau Meng Meng, Kenji Arai (C), (Jala) Faizal Amir, Jordan Webb, An Jae Cheul, Duncan Elias, (Azfar Zainal Abidin) Sobrie Mazelan, Mojtaba Tehranizadeh

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Aleksandar Duric 300 goals tally

Here are a compile breakdown of Duric 300 goals
Year - Club - Goals / Games
1999 - TPUFC - 12 / 22
2000 - Home United - 11 / 16
2001-2004 - Geylang United - 113 /145
2005-2009 - SAFFC - 150 / 174
2010 - Tampines Rovers - 14 / 27

Total: 300 / 384 

Geylang United
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Home United
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Tampines Rovers
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