Monday, March 30, 2015

Job of FAS, not coach

It seem national coach Bernard Stange is being blamed for everything in Singapore football now, including not arranging top-notch opposition for the national team.

For me, this point is totally off-target as one can claimed the German is a big mouth but which Football Associations in the world ask their national coaches to arrange matches for the national team.

It is the job scope of FAS management and that mean the president, the worthless one Zainduin Nordin, and the Secretary-General Winston Lee.

Afterall, the media reminded us Winston Lee is on the verge of being appointed to a big post in AFC thanks to his network in Asia.

Yet, he cannot arrange for us a decent team from Asia so what's the use of that!

But of course, one know the worthless one is untouchable (Stange also know to point finger at somebody else) and since he cannot do without his fall guy Winston Lee (The worthless one may need him for June as things look bad) so TODAY point their finger at Stange.

However I must say, Coaches coach, not arrange matches. That is the job of FA.